Poland - Tour of the Royal Route and the Old City of Warsaw

Market Square in the Old Town of Warsaw

Before knowingWarsaw I understood that it was a city that, from a tourist point of view, "had nothing to do with it."

But I was really wrong.

In my most recenttrip to Poland I discovered a modern city but, at the same time, with a historic center of great beauty.

Royal Route in the historic center of Warsaw

There you will find a succession of monuments, mansions, churches and corners whose vision will make you correct that misconception that, as was my case, you could have.

It is true that it has been in recent years when the most complete remodeling of the historic center has really been carried out.

Specifically, since the integration of Poland in the European Union and after overcoming the black stage for the country of belonging to the disappeared communist bloc.

You also have to keep in mind that Warsaw it was completely destroyed by the Germans at the end of the WWII, specifically during the historical episode of which you will have extensive and very interesting information in the Warsaw Uprising Museum.

As a result, all the historical monuments and buildings in Warsaw actually date back a few decades.

Presidential Palace on the Warsaw Royal Route

So, for example, the Shrine of Our Lady of Gracewhere is the Patron of Warsaw, is from 1957.

On the other hand the Basilica Archicahedral of Warsaw, in neo-Gothic style, it is from the 50s; and the Royal Castle, of 1981, because it could not be rebuilt until the fall of the aforementioned Communist regime.

What to see in Warsaw Royal Route

The historic center extends along the so-called Royal Route

It is a very long street that with different denominations joins the areas of palaces and parks of Wilanowgoing through itpark and palace complex of Lazienki with the areas named Old City Y New city.

Church of the Patronage of Saint Joseph on the Royal Route of Warsaw

As was my case, the walk through the historic center can be started by Charles de Gaulle square, which you will distinguish by its large palm in the center.

In this square you cross the great Jerozolimskie Avenue and the street Nowy swiat, which in the north direction will lead you to the Old City.

In summer, as I could see it in me Warsaw visit, this street is pedestrian, which leads to a very pleasant walk between monuments and historical buildings, barely disturbed by the passage of bicycles and urban buses.

Royal Castle on the Warsaw Royal Route

So you will meet him Warsaw Presidential Palace, built in the 18th century, and where in 1989 the talks that led to the change of political regime in Poland took place.

Now this building housed the residence of the president of the country.

It also highlights the Church of the Patronage of San José, originally from the 18th century, and the church of Santa Ana, which in the fifteenth century when it was built was a Gothic building, and now shows a classic-style facade.

You will already be in the section of street called Krakowskie Przedmiescie (Krakow suburb), one of the most beautiful sections of the Royal Route.

Market Square in the Old Town of Warsaw

Here you should look at the panels that are located on the sidewalk in which reproductions of paintings of who was a painter of the king of poland, Bernardo Bellotto

Known as Canaletto, this artist made various paintings that showed corners of the city of Warsaw during the seventeenth century.

You will check the great fidelity of the reconstruction of the historic center from these paintings that served as an invaluable documentary reference for it.

Shrine of Our Lady of Grace in the Old Town of Warsaw

You will soon arrive at the Zamcowy square, where the great reddish building of the Warsaw Royal Castle.

Originally from the 15th century, it became a royal residence when the king of poland and his court moved from Krakow to Warsaw, in the middle of the 17th century.

At present it is a museum where you can see outstanding works of Rembrandt and of the aforementioned Canaletto.

In that same square there is also the Column of King Sigismund III Vasa. With 22 meters high, it is the oldest and tallest secular monument in Warsaw.

Warsaw Old Town

From here you will enter the Warsaw Old Town, the true historical center of the city.

Corner of the Old Town of Warsaw

For the fidelity of its reconstruction, the Old City was declared World Heritage by Unesco.

In fact it is the only enclave that is on the famous list of world heritage that has been rebuilt.

The true center of the Old City is the marketplace Founded in the thirteenth century, now a beautiful enclave with colorful facades and with great animation on the terraces of bars and restaurants that surround it.

In a central place of the square is the Statue of the Mermaid of Warsaw, considered as a symbol of the Polish capital.

This statue is also a fountain where in summer you will not be surprised to see children soaking as if it were a swimming pool.

Statue of the Mermaid of Warsaw in the Market Square

On the way to this square you will have gone through the aforementioned Basilica Cathedral Y Shrine of Our Lady of Grace.

Of this last one of you must fix in his curious entrance door, denominated Angelic Gate for his sculptural representations of angels.

To end your insurance very pleasant walk, already in the direction of the so-called New city you will go through the Barbican, a door of the historic 16th century wall, from which you can see reconstructed sections.

Warsaw New Town

It is known as New city to the area of ​​Warsaw that was founded in the fourteenth century, which extends beyond the walls of the aforementioned wall and functioned as an independent city until the eighteenth century.

Antique shop in the Old Town of Warsaw

Here you will also find interesting places, such as the church of San Jacinto, built next to a Dominican monastery in the 17th century.

You also have the Maria Sklodowska-Curie museum, better known as Maria Curie, where the personal clothes of whoever was twice will call your attention Nobel Prize for his studies on radioactivity.

Antique shop in the Old Town of Warsaw

In the New city you can also see his marketplace, just like him Warsaw Uprising monument.

In short, a walk that will take you a good part of the day, but which I assure you is essential to discover the greatest tourist attraction of Warsaw.

Pictures Old Town of Warsaw

Here you have morePhotos of the historic center of Warsaw.