Lisbon - Rossio Square, nerve center in the Baixa district

Doña María II National Theater in Rossio Square in Lisbon

We can say that it is the equivalent of Sun Gate in Madrid.

I mean the Rossio Square, nerve center of theLisbon city where you will surely walk several times during your tourist trip to the capital of Portugal.

Actually the Rossio It is a square that, together with the adjoining of Restaurateurs and its extension by Liberty Avenue, configures the axis of the modern city of Lisbon.

Monument to Don Pedro IV in Rossio Square in Lisbon

These squares configure what is known as Baixa neighborhood, which extends to the great Commerce Square, already on the banks of Tagus river.

This neighborhood, with its perpendicular street layout, rose after the great earthquake ofLisbon of the year 1755, and now it is the commercial and cosmopolitan center of the city.

And the Rossio Square occupies the nerve center of it.

What to see in Rossio Square

Also, in the long and rectangular Rossio Square meet some of the most important Lisbon monuments.

Monument to Don Pedro IV in Rossio Square in Lisbon

Thus, on its north side you find the neoclassical building of the Doña María II National Theater, which was completed in 1846 on the ruins of an old palace that was devastated by a fire.

In the center of the square is the monument with the statue of don Pedro IV, who was the first emperor of independent Brazil.

At present, it gives its name to the square that is still better known for its historical denomination of Rossio.

The black and white patterned mosaics that extend across the entire surface of the Rossio Square They are not the result of a current design, but were installed in the mid-19th century.

But the Rossio Square in Lisbon It is, above all, a meeting place for Lisbon and visitors.

Monument to Don Pedro IV in Rossio Square in Lisbon

You will already check during your visit that the cafeteria terraces and their stores souvenirs They are always very lively.

Photos Rossio Square

Next you have a photo gallery of the Rossio square in Lisbon, in the district of la Baixa.

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