Tips for your visit to Krakow and its surroundings in southern Poland

Krakow Market Square

If you consider doing a tourist trip to Poland, Krakow It will undoubtedly be one of the must-see visits as it is one of the biggest tourist attractions in that country.

A sample of the importance of the city of Krakow is that last year 2016 hosted theWorld Youth Day a great event that put this city in Poland at the center of the world map of the religious tourism.

In my case I came to Krakow as an extension of a car trip that took me through several neighboring enclavesCzech Republic. And it really was an addition that was very worthwhile.

Cloth Hall in Krakow Market Square

Krakow He has earned a reputation in recent decades as the city of Pope John Paul II, and a good example of this religious character is precisely the celebration of the aforementioned world event of the Catholic Church.

Krakow, World Heritage

But in reality, Krakow has a huge heritage appeal reflected in the statement by the Unesco howWorld Heritage for the enclosure of its medieval city.

In fact, Krakow went along with Quito the first places in the world that became part of the already prestigious list of the Unesco.

Krakow Market Square

What to see in Krakow

A good one visit of the city of Krakow It will require you a two-day stay, although in a single day you can also see the essentials of this city in Poland.

However, near Krakow there are two others essential visits, each of which will take you a full morning.

I mean the old Nazi concentration camp from Auschwitz and the Wieliczka Salt Mines, visits that should be essentials on your trip to Krakow.

Krakow Market Square

yourvisit to Krakow It will be developed through the historic center of the city, which extends from its huge and spectacular Marketplace, one of the largest in Europe.

Corner of the historic center of Krakow in Poland

The biggest attractions of this huge square are the beautiful building of the Cloth Halland the monumental Basilica of Santa Maria.

To the south of the enclosure of the medieval city lies the Wawel Hill, where you can visit the main monuments of the city, the Royal Castle and the Wawel Cathedral.

On your walk through this historic center you will see why Krakow It is known as the city of 200 churches, since from any corner of the city you will always see at least one church.

And I tell you that this figure refers only to the Catholic churches.

St. Andrew's Church in Krakow

Jewish Quarter of Krakow

Apart from the medieval historical center, in Krakow you should also visit the area of Jewish quarter of Kazimierz, where you will find several synagogues, and above all a great bohemian atmosphere.

You can also stroll through the nearby neighborhood that the old one will occupy Jewish Ghetto. who starred in the dramatic movie The Schindler's List from Steven Spielberg, which was awarded 7 Oscar in 1993

I tell you that in your Krakow visit you can go to see the building that headquarters of the Factory of Schindler, which served to employ and protect hundreds of Jewish operatives, whose history is reflected in the aforementioned film.

Jewish restaurant in the Kazimierz district of Krakow

Tours in Spanish in Krakow

You may prefer to join an organized group for your Krakow visit, in which case this information on Spanish tours in Krakow.

You can also sign up for a Auschwitz Spanish tour or to another Spanish tour to the Wielizcka Salt Mines, two visits that should be essential on your trip to the historic Polish city.

How to get to Krakow

Krakow It is located southwest of Poland, 170 kilometers from the border with the Chec Republica, which is about two hours by road if you decide, as in our case, to go from Ostrava.

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