Murcia - Sailboat rides and other nautical activities in the Mar Menor

Sailboat ride through the Mar Menor and its surroundings in Murcia

As you can imagine, nautical activities are one of the attractions of a getaway or a few holidays in the Mar Menor of the Murcia region.

In addition, the special geographical features of this huge salt lagoon favor all kinds of activities, both in the same Mar Menor as in the adjoining waters of the Mediterranean coast with which it is separated by The sleeve.

So we could see in our recent Getaway to the Mar Menor in which we could enjoy some of this activities, as it was a sailboat ride on the Mar Menor, also leaving the waters of Main Sea, which is how there is called Mediterranean.

Nautical activities in the Mar Menor in Murcia

Ferry from Los Alcazares to La Manga

Looking ahead to your trip to this coastal area of ​​the Murcia region, I will tell you that the easiest way to enjoy a boat trip on the Mar Menor is to get on the boat that crosses it every day from Los Alcázares to La Manga, to the port of Thomas Maestre.

The dates in which this ship lends daily service They cover from the end of June to the beginning of September, with between four and five daily services in both directions.

He Los Alcazares to La Manga ferry navigate the widest area of ​​the Mar Menor with a duration of 45 minutes, with schedules of 10, 12, 14 and 17 hours to La Manga, and an additional schedule at 19 hours in July and August.

its price It is 5 euros per way, that is, 10 euros round trip.

Sailboat ride through the Mar Menor and its surroundings in Murcia

Boat trips in Mar Menor

But you have a more playful option, that of a Boat trip on the Mar Menor.

Thus, leaving Los Alcazares, the ship will sail through that sea to, crossing the channel next to the Tomás Maestre port, go out to the Mediterranean coast and take you around the Grosa Island, natural protection zone.

This sea ​​excursion It lasts about two hours, runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from the end of July to the beginning of September, and is priced at 13 euros.

Another excursion is the one that also from Los Alcázares takes you to islands of the Mar Menor, with the same duration and price.

Puerto Tomás Maestre in the Mar Menor in Murcia

Sailboat ride through Mar Menor

As I said before, another more exclusive alternative is to give a sailboat ride on the Mar Menor in which you will also go to Mediterranean to get close to the Grosa Island.

That was the excursion we did on our trip, which lasted for about four hours, and during which we enjoyed an almost calm sea.

The placidity of the sailboat sailing It is undoubtedly one of the best ways to enjoy the attractions of the Mar Menor.

In addition, during the rodeo of the Grosa Island We could see the richness of birds that natural enclave has.

Jet ski in the Mar Menor in Murcia

Other nautical activities

For your holidays in the Mar Menor, in addition to sailing by boat, you have other types of nautical activities that you can practice.

Thus, there are activity companies, such as El Pedruchillo Sailing School, with which you can practice canoeing or paddle surfdrive a jet ski, or ride a catamaran... or about a funbanana.

And during our trip we could also verify that the Mar Menor It can be an excellent place to practice kitesurf, as many practitioners of this sport did during the moments when the wind takes center stage.

Surely on your vacation you will find an ideal alternative for your tastes, from the quietest boat cruise by the Mar Menor to the most demanding kitesurf.

Kitesurfing in the Mar Menor in Murcia

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