Malta - Places and attractions to visit in Valletta and its surroundings

View of Valletta from the port of Birgu in Malta

When considering a trip to a new destination, the tools you can use to know which places and attractions you should visit are very diverse.

If you have not discovered it yet, I will tell you that one of them is TripAdvisor.

Always, the search for find a hotel for a trip the start in TripAdvisor, where I find the recommendations of travelers that guide me when selecting where to finally stay.

Birgu Corner in Malta

I also use this recommendation tool when it comes to find a restaurant, and now it has helped me to decide what visits to do in my recent getaway to Maltaspecifically in Valletta and its surroundings.

Well, indeed, in this popular social network you also find recommendations on places and attractions to visit.

What to see in Valletta and surroundings

These recommendations You find them grouped by various themes, among which the best things to do, historical places, museums, gardens, shows or excursions and guided tours stand out.

Then, from the experience of my aforementioned getaway, I will propose several places and attractions to visit in Malta, also featured in TripAdvisor.

Gateway to Mdina in Malta

Historic city of Mdina

If you like them historical enclaves, you will be surprised by the places of these characteristics that you will find in Malt.

But, without a doubt, the most prominent is the historic city of Mdina, which was the capital of the island for many centuries.

Now you will find a small walled city atop a hill whose fortification dates back to a century before Jesus Christ, in the time of the Phoenicians.

The Romans also passed through Mdina, and it is also thought that the apostle saint paul He resided for a time in A.D. 60.

In the Middle Ages it was the place of residence of the Maltese aristocracy, being known as the «Noble City«, But the arrival of Knights of San Juan to Malta and the boom they gave to port of Valletta brought to Mdina to a decline

Mdina Corner in Malta

In its walled enclosure you will find several palaces, some churches and, above all, charming corners.

A curiosity, if you are a fan of the hit series of Game of Thrones, this visit is a must.

You can even find themed tours inspired by the series at TripAdvisor, which will take you through Mdina and other filming locations, listening to details about the cast and other curiosities.

St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina

The most prominent monument you are going to see in Mdina is the San Pablo's cathedral, a building that was built in 1700 on the remains of an old church destroyed by an earthquake.

St. Paul's Cathedral in Mdina in Malta

To highlight in your visit to this cathedral the numerous marble tombstones of Maltese nobles that, similar to the St. John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta, you can see how they cover the floor of the temple. 

Barakka Gardens in Valletta

In Valletta and its surroundings you will be captivated by the numerous Panoramic views not only of the great fortification of the Maltese capital, but also of cities that surround it in an area of ​​winding sea entrances.

The Barakka Gardens It is the place from where you have the most beautiful views, in this case, of the so-called Three cities.

Viewpoint of the Barakka Gardens in Valletta in Malta

You can access these gardens through the main gate of Valletta, or directly in a lift from the port area, which allows you to quickly reach the center of Valletta.

In these gardens you will also see another tourist attraction, the so-calledSaluting Battery, a Grand Canyon that every day at 12 noon shoots a thunderous save.

Co-cathedral of San Juan in Valletta

The St. John's Co-Cathedral, which you will visit in the Valletta historic site, is surely the most important religious building in the Maltese country.

Co-cathedral of Saint John in Valletta in Malta

It is when entering its interior when you will be surprised by the great decorative sumptuousness of this baroque cathedral that built the Knights of San Juan in 1578.

It has a single nave with chapels on the sides, where the lush decoration of walls, columns and ceiling with gold brocades will catch your attention.

It also highlights the marble floor with numerous gravestones and the vault with paintings.

House with balcony with gallery in Birgu in Malta

Birgu (Vittoriosa)

Those known as Three cities They are three fortified cities that crowd in one of the sea entrances in front of the capital, Valletta.

Of the three I advise you visit birgu, also known as Vittorious

It is a small walled enclave where, after passing the door of the wall, a main street takes you to the central square of the historic site.

In Birgu You will see old palaces and some churches, but above all you must get lost in its narrow streets where you will see the daily atmosphere of life in Malta.

Church in Birgu in Malta

You must also climb a stretch of wall that borders the small town on the shores of the sea to see the Valletta Panoramic and the other two cities adjacent to Birgu.

War Museum in Malta in Birgu

The WWII It was a period that has marked the history of the island of Malta.

You have to take into account that due to its strategic location in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta became a primary enclave during this conflagration.

Entrance to the War Museum in Malta in Birgu

Right at the entrance of Birgu you can visit the so-called War Museum in Malta which shows how everyday life was on the island in times of this conflagration.

During the visit you will pass through an underground tunnel that served as an air raid shelter for hundreds of people residing in the Three cities. 

Malta Panoramic Bus Tour

The Malta Island It has a very small extension, with less surface area than you might imagine.

Therefore, one way to arrive and visit the main places is to sign up for Malta panoramic bus tour With free stops.

Panoramic bus in Malta

Leaving the jetty area of Sliema, you can choose two routes.

The north route will take you, among other places, to Valletta dock, T'Qali, a town with artisans, Mdina, Rabat Y Mosta

For its part with the south route you can reach the historic site of Valletta, the Three cities, Marsaxlokk, the Temples of Tarxien and the Blue Grotto.

You can book this excursion in advance in TripAdvisor, through its collaboration with Viator, company specialized in tours and guided tours around the world.

Batteries on the wall of Valletta in Malta

Other attractions in Valletta

In Valletta The splendid palaces that hide in its streets are numerous.

If you are curious to know the inside of one of them, you have the possibility to visit the so-called Rocca Piccola House.

And if you want to discover in an attractive way the long history of this Mediterranean island, you can see the multimedia presentation Malta Experience With a duration of 45 minutes.

I also comment that if, as was my case you stay in Sliema, commercial and tourist area versus Valletta, the most practical is to cross into the capital in one of the ferries that link the different coastal cities.

Ferry between cities in Malta

In Sliema you must take it at the pier from where all the departures depart boat trips around the island, as well as the aforementioned panoramic bus tours.

Finally, I'll tell you yes you arrive in Malta by cruise, at port of Valletta you have the maritime leisure area known as Valetta Waterfront, where restaurants and terraces are grouped.

And if you want to discover Valletta and its surroundings in a different way, you can make a midnight tour for the capital, Mosta and Mdina for only € 25.

Sliema holiday and commercial area in Malta

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