4 places to see on your visit from Canterbury to South London

Half-timbered houses in Canterbury in southern England

Near London You have the possibility to make several very interesting excursions.

One of the most attractive, no doubt, is go to Canterbury, very beautiful medieval town that is only 90 kilometers south of the British capital.

The origin of Canterbury dates back to Roman times, and on your visit, in addition to enjoying the beauty of their houses and medieval corners, you can see the imposing gothic cathedral.

Christ Church Gate in Canterbury south London

You should know that it is the headquarters of the Anglican church, also known as England church.

Places to see in Canterbury

Then I recommend you 4 sites to see on your visit of Canterbury.

1. Stroll through the medieval streets

Enjoy Canterbury It is synonymous with walking through its streets, specifically, the main one called Mercery Lane, where you can see numerous half-timbered houses and several corners that will allow you to relive the atmosphere of a characteristic medieval village.

2. Surprise yourself with the Christ Church Gate porch

In the aforementioned Mercery Lane Street you find a spectacular stone porch built in 1517, and called Christ Church Gate,

When you pass under this beautiful porch, you will access the landscaped grounds where the Canterbury Cathedral is located.

Canterbury Cathedral in South London

3. Visit the Gothic Cathedral of Canterbury

In addition to being the main temple of the Anglican church, the Canterbury Cathedral It is a spectacular Gothic building with a very long history and evolution.

In this regard you will be guided by the fact that the cathedral dates back to the seventh century, after the arrival of San Agustin to this town of Roman origin

4. Be sure to see the Black Prince's Sepulcher

It is possibly the most amazing corner of the Canterbury Cathedral.

In a side nave you find a large sepulcher on which the reclining black prince's effigy, with its imposing black armor.

With that name he met Eduardo de Woodstock, brother of king of england in the fourteenth century, a time in which he gained great fame for his military successes that led him even to Spain.