12 activities to do on your trip to Bremen in northern Germany

Bremen Market Square in Germany

Surely the main reason that will take you to take a trip to Bremen is to enjoy a historical heritage that has included this beautiful city of northern germany in the list of the Unesco of places World Heritage.

But on an ideal visit for a long weekend getaway thanks to the availability of direct flights from Spain, you have other alternatives to enjoy Bremen.

I'll give you next 12 ideas on activities to do during your trip to Bremen.

12 things to do in Bremen

Statue of Rolando in the Market Square in Bremen

1.- Stroll through the historic center of Bremen

No doubt this should be the first objective of your trip, because the little one historical Center This city is very easy to visit.

There the declared monuments are concentrated World Heritage, he gothic town hall, with its beautiful Renaissance facade, and the historic Rolando statue.

But in it marketplace You can also see one of the popular icons of this German city, the Bremen Musicians sculpture, as well as the Cathedral.

You can also walk through the tourist Coopers Street (Bottcherstrabe) or the old neighborhood Schnoor.

Or if you prefer, you can visit the art gallery Kunsthalle Bremen, a gallery that will surprise you with the works of art it shows.

2.- Tour by tourist minibus in Bremen

An option to get to know the city quickly is to make a tour in a tourist minibus.

This tour takes place aboardelectric vehicles with capacity for 8 people, which on two different routes show you the most prominent corners of Bremen.

The main route runs through the historic center and its surroundings, and the second route goes to the new and modern neighborhood of Ueberseestadt, a project of urban expansion that is carried out by the area previously occupied by the docks of the historic river port of Bremen.

You can hire this tour online or at theBremen tourist office which is next to the marketplace and in front of the minibus exit stop.

Bremen Central Station

3.- See Bremen Central Station

The Bremen Central Station It has a characteristic that makes it peculiar in Germany: the building was not destroyed during the severe bombing that this port city suffered during the WWII.

It was "camouflaged»So that, as happened with the historic town hall and the cathedral, the buildings were saved and now you can see them in their original version, without having to have to be rebuilt.

The Bremen railway station It is a building more than one hundred years old, and is one of the most prominent in the city for its beautiful architectural style.

Pigs Street in Bremen

4.- Stroll through the commercial area of ​​Bremen

Next to the historic center, which actually focuses on the marketplace and its surroundings, extends the commercial area of ​​the city.

It is in the streets that take you from the station to the Market Square where you can mainly see numerous stores of the most famous brands.

You will go through the pigs street, a peculiar corner that you will recognize by the small monument that shows pigs and a shepherd.

And you can also go shopping in the main commercial gallery of the city.

Bremen mill in Germany

5.- The Bremen Mill

In this same section of the city you will be surprised with a corner that will certainly bring to mind the Dutch landscapes.

In the channel that surrounds this area of ​​the city, which marks the place where the old medieval wall, and now occupies a large linear garden, you will find a old mill which gives this corner of Bremen a special charm.

6.- Bremer Ratskeller Winery

He Bremen city hall it houses in its basements an amazing cellar dating back to the year 1405.

Bremer Ratskeller winery in Bremen

Bremen, due to the cold weather of northern Germany, is not a wine zone, since production is concentrated in the south of the country, but since the Middle Ages Its river port has been a strategic point for the wine trade.

In the past the Bremer Ratskeller He kept wines in barrels, but now this historic winery only markets in bottles very exclusive wines that every year he selects among the best crops of the 16 producing states of Germany.

In the place occupied by the winery you can now see a restaurant run by another company where numerous barrels are shown.

And in the enclosure that preserves the original company of the winery, not only many years old bottles are stored, but even sweet wine in barrel, the oldest of the year.

This last wine is only tested on very special occasions, the last time, when the winery was visited by the Queen Elizabeth II of England.

New Ueberseestadt district of Bremen in Germany

7.- Visit the new Ueberseestadt neighborhood

If you are curious to know something about the Bremen's history as a river port, you can approach to see the new neighborhood Ueberseestadt,

This is a new urban expansion project that is being developed after winning the river a large area previously occupied by the old docks.

Tram line 3 will take you to this area somewhat away from the center.

And in the Hafenmuseum Speicher XI You can see a large model of this urban project, as well as many objects and photos related to the aforementioned river trade activity.

Boat-hotel restaurant Alexander Von Humboldt in Bremen

8.- Alexander Von Humboldt sailboat

In Bremen you now have the possibility to visit and even stay in a historic sailing ship, he Alexander Von Humboldt, which you will find on the river pier located next to the historic city center.

Now you can eat or have a beer in this, nowadays, hotel-restaurant boat whose origins date back to 1906, when it was built as a floating «lighthouse» ship.

After finishing this work in various places on the German coast, in 1988 it was rebuilt and since then it has sailed twelve times across the Atlantic, until finally arriving at the Bremen pier to become a floating hotel.

Botanika in the Rhodondendro park of Bremen in Germany

9.- Botanika in Rhododedron Park

If you like gardens, for you trip to Bremen you must write down the visit of Rhododedron Park.

It is a curious garden of 46 hectares where you can see large floral sets with up to 3,000 different varieties of rhododendrons, a plant better known as azalea.

Without a doubt, the most suitable date to visit it is in May or early June, when the plants are in full bloom.

In that park you also have Botanika, a Botanic Park where scenes from different parts of the world are recreated, from a Japanese garden, to the Himalayas or New Guinea, and where plants are mixed with cultural elements.

Universum, interactive science museum in Bremen

10.- Universum, interactive science museum

If you go to travel to Bremen with children, you have an appointment at Universum, a interactive museum dedicated to science and technology found in the university area, where you arrive with tram line 6.

I anticipate that each of the more than 300 scientific and technological phenomena Exposed is a curious experience that children enjoy.

Of course, you will have to limit the time as it can be an endless visit.

Visit of the Mercedes Benz factory in Bremen

11.- Visit Mercedes Benz factory in Bremen

If you are passionate about cars, for your trip to Bremen you should know that the brand Mercedes Benz It has in this city the headquarters of its second most important factory in the world, after the main one in Stuttgart.

In Bremen you can sign up for a guided tour of the Mercedes Benz factory.

A bus will pick you up at 2:30 pm in the city center and will take you to this factory where you will go through the assembly line of all versionscoupe Ycabrio of the German brand, as well as the entire range of theclass E.

The complete visit, until they leave you again in the center of the city, will take you two and a half hours.

I anticipate that you will enjoy seeing the sophisticated manufacturing technology, and they will also invite you to a snack in tune with the prestige of the brand.

Schlachte, restaurant and biergarten area in Bremen

12.- Biergarten at Schlachte pier

And finally where is the atmosphere in the city of Bremen? where you can dine and drink beers in Bremen?

On your trip you have an unavoidable appointment at the riverside Weser River known as Schalchte, the jetty area adjacent to the historic city center.

In a very narrow section, breweries and restaurants with their terraces are concentrated, as well as the typical biergarten.

At lunchtime, or at sunset, there you live the whole atmosphere of the city, and the beer of the biergarten It reaches all the prominence.

You have another alternative area of ​​atmosphere on the street that starts east from the marketplace, next to the cathedral, and after passing the gallery Kunsthalle Bremen, you will find several restaurants and bars with terraces in a more cultural environment.

In short, many options to enjoy Bremen.

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