Bremen - This is the visit of the historic Gothic town hall

Bremen Town Hall on the Market Square in northern Germany

From the point of view of cultural heritage I anticipate that you trip to Bremenat northern germany, will be the main focus of the downtown marketplace.

In this corner is where the main tourist icons of the city are concentrated.

On the one hand, the old gothic town hall and the Rolando statue, both places declared in 2004 World Heritage by Unesco.

Bremen Town Hall on the Market Square in northern Germany

And on the other, the very popular Bremen musicians sculpture, dedicated to the main animals of a children's story of the Grimm brothers.

In any, on your walk through the marketplace you will not get tired of seeing the beautiful scene that make up the architectural complex that has become one of the most characteristic images of the city.

Specifically, the building offormer town hall of Bremen, the Rolando statue, located in front of said building, and the high towers of the San Pedro Cathedral.

The great news for all of us is that these monuments did not suffer the consequences of the heavy bombings that the Bremen city during the WWII, so today we can see the original buildings and sculptures.

Bremen Town Hall History

The origin of Bremen city hall dates back to 1404, when it was decided to build a new town hall building to replace the old town hall of the 13th century.

Great hall of the old town hall of Bremen in Germany

Finally the new building, in Gothic style, finished being built in the year 1410.

Of the same stood out the two large rooms used for events on the upper and lower floor.

And it is also worth noting the wineries that were installed in the basements of the town hall, known as Ratskeller

Even if it surprises you, Ratskeller still operational today, in a double aspect of restaurant and wine cellar, which is a curious visit you can do in Bremen.

Renaissance facade of Bremen City Hall

Now, how is it that this Gothic building currently presents a beautiful renaissance facade?

Renaissance facade of the former town hall of Bremen in Germany

This goes back to the year 1600, when the newly built building of the Bremen Chamber of Commerce, sported a splendid Renaissance facade.

Being located just in front of the town hall in it marketplace, it was thought that the town hall building was no longer representative enough.

For that reason a great renovation in Renaissance style of the region of the Weser and with the influence of Dutch architects, in which the numerous figures and reliefs that you can now see distributed by the facade stand out.

Already in the twentieth century, in 1910, the construction of a new annex building that is the current headquarters of the Bremen city hall was discussed.

King's Hall in the new town hall of Bremen in Germany

Guided tours of Bremen City Hall

For visit Bremen town hall you have to sign up for Guided visits which organizes the Bremen Tourist Office.

During the visit you will see the large event rooms, both of the old town hall and the new one.

In the first insurance, the big models of sailboats that hang from the ceiling catch your attention.

I will tell you that small cannons that incorporate both sides can fire.

Golden Chamber in the old town hall of Bremen

And undoubtedly the most prominent corner of this room is called Golden Chamber, modernist style and built in the early twentieth century.

In the Golden Chamber great personalities are received and have passed through since the Queen Elizabeth II of England or the King Juan Carlos until Michael Jackson.

In the great hall of the building of new town hall highlights the corner known as King's Room.

With an hour duration, the Bremen town hall visiting hours they are, from Monday to Saturday, at 11, 12, 15 and 16 hours, and on Sundays, at 11 and 12 hours.

These visits are conducted in English or German.

Bremen Town Hall in the Market Square north of

He price of admission (2018) is 6.50 euros, being free for children under 12 years.

Photos Bremen Town Hall

Here you have more photos of the gothic town hall of Bremen, World Heritage.

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