Valladolid - Bodegas Mocén, art center on the Rueda Wine Route

Library of Warehouses Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

He wine tourism in recent times so booming in Spain has as main impulse the pleasure of knowing and enjoy the wines, and in a second order the interest to discover the cultural heritage.

And on the other hand, when selecting the wineries to visit in a wine region we always look for a differential element that arouses interest in a given.

In our recent escape by the Rueda Wine Route, in the province of ValladolidWe have had the opportunity to visit a winery that in a really outstanding way brings together both aspects, the appeal of its wines and a great cultural heritage.

Mudejar arches of Bodegas Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

Is about Mocén Wineries, which is found in the population of Wheel, which gives its name to the designation of origin of the wines of this area of ​​Valladolid and the wine tourism route.

Yes Mocén visits, you will discover that it is a winery that will not leave you indifferent at all, because you will see the reflection of the work of a very popular character in our country in recent decades.

I mean José Luis Ruiz Solaguren, better known as Jose Luis, the famous founding businessman of the José Luis restaurants, died in 2013.

Who will earn a great reputation for his services catering in big events it was also the Founder of Bodegas Mocén in 1988

For this, it acquired a network of underground galleries under the town of Rueda, which since the fifteenth century have been used as wine cellars.

Castilian patio of Bodegas Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

It is currently a winery that produces the characteristic Rueda wine, a white wine for which the grape is used in a large percentage Verdejo, and that in Mocen It is also combined with grapes Viura Y Chardonay.

It should also be noted that of the annual production of Mocen 7 million bottles, a quarter is made of red wine made from grapes Tempranillo.

For the production of its wines, this winery currently uses the most modern production systems, including, for example, steel tanks with refrigeration and pressure control systems.

What to see in the visit of Bodegas Mocén

But you wine tourism visit in Bodegas Mocén It will not have the most technical or production aspects as protagonists.

On the contrary, the great protagonist will be an imposing cultural heritage.

Castilian patio of Bodegas Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

When you arrive at the headquarters of Mocén Wineries, you find a great Castilian style patio where the eagerness of collector of Jose Luis, his founder.

In the different corners of the courtyard you can see a large farm tools collection, as well as scenes depicted with ceramics of Manises.

The next step of the visit is going to be to know the aforementioned maze of underground galleries of Bodegas Mocén, the oldest of which date back to the 15th and 16th centuries.

For this you will go through three rooms that are sure to arouse your curiosity, like a small library that serves as a passage to an old winery.

There you will see the covered walls of hundreds of photographs of Jose Luis with characters and public figures who have visited their establishments or the winery.

Old winery of Bodegas Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

And another space to point out is called Bullfighters Corner, with hundreds of photos and objects of the bullfighting world.

After descending to old underground cellars, you will know that there are up to four kilometers of galleries arranged at different levels, the result of successive adhesions of wineries acquired to neighbors of the urban center of Wheel.

At the outset you will find a gallery where you can see eleven large French oak barrels that are used for winemaking.

But in reality this network of galleries today is mostly not used as a warehouse.

In your wandering during the visit through these underground tunnels you will find various corners dedicated to illustrious characters known for Jose Luis.

Oak barrels at Bodegas Mocén at Rueda in Valladolid

In addition, the galleries house huge collections of the most diverse objects, such as up to 8,000 pieces of glass or glass, or a collection of 2,500 bottle openers.

From the heritage point of view, it is worth mentioning the oldest sections of galleries, where you can see from Mudejar brick arches of the 15th century to Gothic arches.

And from the cultural and artistic point of view, it is in other places of Mocén Wineries Where are you going to be surprised?

When you leave the underground galleries on your visit, you will go to see the imposing library with about 20,000 volumes, which as you can see in a photo was opened by the Nobel Prize Camilo José Cela.

Underground galleries of Bodegas Mocén in Rueda in Valladolid

There above all books of gastronomy, wine and history of the area are preserved, as well as ancient manuscripts and first editions.

The visit can be completed by seeing the two huge art rooms where an enormous amount of paintings of all styles are exhibited, another reflection of the collector's desire to Jose Luis.

With the tasting fingers of wines from Bodegas Mocén Your visit will end.

Schedules visit Bodegas Mocén

Facing you Winery visit Mocén (c / Arribas, 7 y 9, Rueda, +34 616976030 +34616369571) you should know that there are three modalities offered, covering to a greater or lesser extent the foregoing.

Warehouses Mocén at Rueda in Valladolid

The Store hours of Mocén Wineries, are from Monday to Friday, from 10.30 to 18.30, and from 10.30 and 14.3, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.

As for the Guided visits, the hours without prior reservation are at 11 and 16 hours, from Monday to Friday, and on weekends and for other times you have to call in advance.

The visit prices, according to its duration, are 7, 11 and 15 euros, varying from one hour and 15 minutes the basic visit, and two and a half hours the most complete.