The best tips to visit the most cultural Palma de Mallorca

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral in the Balearic Islands

If there is a destination in Spain which in recent decades has benefited from the great tourist boom from our country those are the Balearic Islands, and in particular, Majorca.

But beyond the attractiveness of its beaches and coves and the great festive atmosphere that is lived in the most holiday times, our recent trip to the island of Mallorca It has had a different objective.

The reason has been to discover the attractions of the capital of the island, Palm (until recently known asPalma de Mallorca) as a destination to make a cultural getaway at any time of the year, and not precisely in summer.

And from the outset I will tell you that we loved it, because although we had good expectations, they have been clearly exceeded.

Tips for visiting Palma

After this trip, then I will leave our best tips to visit Palma de Mallorca in a cultural getaway.

This information will also be useful if you are going to visit Palma in one day during the scale of a cruise.

How to get to Palma

One of the great advantages of the aforementioned tourist boom of this island is that for get to Palma de Mallorca you have numerous air connections from the main Spanish cities.

And also from the most remote European airports.

Fly to Palma de Mallorca

If you arrive by plane, don't be surprised to find a large airport terminal, which is explained by the fact that the Mallorca Island Airport It is the one with the most passenger traffic among those in Spain, only surpassed by those in Madrid and Barcelona.

Therefore this facilitates the possibility of finding a good connection at any time of the year to make a city ​​break In this city.

But also, if you visit to Palma You want to frame it in a longer stay on the island, and if possible, you like to travel with your own car, you also have the option of use ferries that connect it from places like Barcelona, ​​Valencia or Denia.

How to get from the airport to Palma de Mallorca

For go from the airport to the center of Palma you have the option of the line of city ​​bus 1, which from the airport passes through the center and ends at the Port.

Bellver Castle in Palma de Mallorca

This bus has one frequency on duty every 13-15 minutes and the price of the bill It is 5 euros.

Here you can check the Palma de Mallorca airport bus schedules.

You also have the option of cab, service for which in the transfer to the center of Palma you will have to pay about 20 euros.

What to see in Palma de Mallorca

When visiting the city, there are several areas of it where you are going to move, the main one being the historical center that is located on the hill known as Palma Alta.

You must also walk through the old fishing district of Santa Catalina that extends around the Slice, as well as the area of ​​the promenade and the port.

Corner of the historic center of Palma de Mallorca

You must also go to farther enclaves of the center such as the Bellver Castle or the Marivent Palace Gardens.

And finally sure that you will walk along the commercial axis that make up the Born Avenue and the Jaume III street, at the foot of the historic center, where the establishments of the most luxurious brands are concentrated.

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

The patrimonial heart of Palm it is set by its imposing Gothic cathedral that looks at the sea along with the Royal Palace of the Almudaina.

The Palma Cathedral It is an imposing building that will catch your attention because of its height enclave facing the sea, and in fact it is the only Gothic cathedral that exists on the seafront.

Palma de Mallorca Cathedral

I anticipate that you will be impressed by the dimensions of its central nave, the second highest that exists among European Gothic cathedrals.

Royal Palace of the Almudaina

He Royal Palace of the Almudaina It is located in front of the main facade of the cathedral and originates from a Muslim fortress of 1281.

It hosted the Majorcan kingdom of the fourteenth century and then become the headquarters on Kingdom of Aragon, and is currently the official headquarters of the Real home for ceremonies and events on your summer vacation in Mallorca.

At the foot of the Cathedral and the Royal Palace is known as Park of the Sea, which was designed with the purpose of maintaining the image of the cathedral by the sea before the need to gain ground to the latter.

Royal Palace of Almudaina in Palma de Mallorca

Historic center in Palma Alta

From this area that is characterized by the sections that are preserved from the old city wall you will enter through the historic center towards the Major Square of Palma.

In the narrow streets through which you will walk you will see beautiful corners, and above all you must go looking at the courtyards of the old manor houses from the city, which are recovering little by little.

As a curious fact you should know that in the nineteenth century in the Palma Alta there were up to 600 stately homes, and currently about 60 are preserved, some of which are occupied by urban hotels that are emerging in the city, restaurants, shops or art galleries.

One of the most beautiful courtyards in this area of ​​the historic center is that of Can Vivot.

Courtyard of manor house in the historic center of Palma de Mallorca

When you get to the Santa Eulalia Square You will find the place where there was one of the first mosques in Palma, space now occupied by a church.

In the Town Hall Square the center of attention of tourists is a big olive tree which is 600 years old, which has been installed there for about 25 years when it was given to the city by its owner.

Also to point out that in the very commercial San Miguel street, near the Main Square, you find the San Miguel's Church that stands out for its circular plan.

And also do not stop looking to see the Cloister of San Antonio which opens in a historic building that is now owned by BBVA.

On the way to the old Palma sailor neighborhood, on your walk through the commercial axes of the Born Avenue and the Jaume III streetit should be noted Rialto Living, an old manor house, which was also cinema and theater.

Corner of the historic center of Palma de Mallorca

Now it houses this interesting and exclusive center of decoration and design that you will surely be tempted to visit, and which is the main exponent of what is known as Golden Mile for the luxurious stores that extend along these commercial axes.

Palma fishing district

The old Fishermen's Quarter of the city, known as It's Jonquet or Santa Catalina, in recent years is experiencing a recovery process because it was a very depressed area.

Now it is a corner of the city where boutique hotels or art galleries are emerging, and where you can also see beautiful courtyards of stately homes like those of Canis Minor or Can Salas Burgués (the one that was the most expensive house in Palma).

Or also that of Can Montenegro, a Renaissance courtyard with baroque elements.

La Lonja de Palma

The heritage center of this area of ​​the city is the Slice, a building that was a meeting place for merchants, and during the War of Independence a barracks and cannon factory.

From the mid-fourteenth century, its huge helical columns will remind you of the Valencia Silk Exchange.

After the Lonja is the old building Consulate of the Sea, current headquarters of Balearic Government.

The square where the Lonja is located and its surroundings is now a lively tapas area during the day and leisure at night.

Following the promenade you get to It's baluard, an old fortification converted into a museum of contemporary art, where the very lively terrace of the café restaurant stands out with beautiful views of the harbor and the aforementioned promenade.

Viewpoint terrace of Es Baluard in Palma

Bellver Castle and Marivent Gardens

Another essential visit in your cultural break to Palma de Mallorca is the Bellver Castle.

It is a curious fortification built in the year 1300 located on top of a hill in front of the port of Palma, with an original circular plan and four towers around a circular central courtyard.

From this castle you have the best panoramic views of Palma de Mallorca, its port and the bay.

You can get to Bellver on the tourist bus.

Bellver Castle in Palma

Something further from the center you have the Marivent Palace Gardens.

This palace is the royal residence during the summer holidays of the Kings of Spain and their family, and although it cannot be visited, if you can walk through its gardens where you can see some sculptures of Joan Miro.

Precisely near this palace it is worth approaching the headquarters of the Miró Mallorca Foundation, located in the place where the great contemporary artist spent the last years of his life.

In addition to the museum, you can visit Are boter, the 18th-century mansion house where the artist made sketches of great works, which can be seen on its walls.

For get to Marivent and the Miró museum you can go on the 46, 3 and 20 municipal bus lines and also on the tourist bus, although in the latter case the frequency is very limited.

Miró Mallorca Foundation in Palma de Mallorca

You also have the option of taxi from the center and it will cost you about 7 euros.

What to eat and where in Palma de Mallorca

As you can imagine, the gastronomy is another prominent attraction of a getaway to Palma in the Mallorca Island.

During it you can taste the Mediterranean gastronomy, with fresh fish from the area as the main protagonists.

But also various specialties of the Balearic Islands, such as the sobrasada or the delicious Mallorcan ensaimadas.

In this regardCan Joan de s'Aigo It is the place that has the reputation of serving the best ensaimadas of Palma, which are still elaborated by hand.

Mallorcan ensaimadas in Can Joan de s'Aigo in Palma de Mallorca

In Palma you find a varied offer of Majorcan restaurants, and one tip is that you also do not miss the city's main market, the Olive grove, a visit always recommended when visiting cities.

Looking at your trip, here you can find various options of restaurants in Palma de Mallorca, which also includes specific offers.

Where to sleep in Palma de Mallorca

Looking at your getaway, the offer of hotel establishments in Palma is very large, and you have everything from large and luxurious hotels to small onesboutique hotels that are being established in the oldest neighborhoods.

Here you can have information to book a hotel in Palma de Mallorca.

Excursions in Mallorca

If you Palma visit you want to extend it with a longer stay in the room, it will surely be useful to know these excursions in Mallorca to which you can join.

In the city you have from the tour bus ride until the guided tour of Palma Mysteries and Legends Tour, but you may also be interested in excursions to different places on the island or boat trips or nautical activities that can be done.

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