The best photos of Ibiza, better with the mobile camera?

Panoramic views of the city of Ibiza

* Commercial information of interest to readers

Travel it is for most people an aspiration that is already part of the daily life.

In the last trips we have made we are confirming that we are increasingly using the mobile camera to take photos, and we use less the reflex camera.

But to get the most out of this option of using the mobile phone, it is clear that a model that incorporates a very good camera is needed.

In this context, a new mobile model has just come on the market, one of whose main commercial arguments is the great quality of its camera, so that it becomes a powerful alternative to the aforementioned reflex option.

Dalt Vila historic center in the city of Ibiza

I mean the new Samsung Galaxy S9 +, brand that stands out for its constant innovations, which we had the opportunity to try during our recent trip to Ibiza.

In a travel blog like Travel Guides the photographic quality has to be a differentiating element, and I can already tell you that the new Galaxy S9 + amply meets expectations.

You can check this by looking at the photos that accompany this article, whose good sharpness is caused by the optical image stabilizer available to the mobile phone's dual camera.

At the outset, a clear advantage when using the mobile to take photos during our trips is not having to carry a heavy camera, the versatility it offers and the ease of handling.

Museum of the Punic Necropolis of Puig des Molins in Ibiza

Something that we value many when making the photos is that they have a great naturalness in the colors, a requirement that this mobile meets very well.

Another important factor to consider is the brightness of the camera, so that you can get quality photos in interior rooms with low light.

The excellent Galaxy S9 + features we have been able to verify them during the visit of the dimly lit museum of the Punic Necropolis of Puig des Molins, one of the reasons why the city of Ibiza has been declared World Heritage.

Or also inside the Ibiza cathedral located in the walled enclosure Dalt Vila, where when we entered the lighting was not on, but the variable opening system of the Galaxy S9 + allowed to make the interior photos without problems.

Interior of the cathedral of Ibiza

Said system Low light which improves the performance with low brightness makes the aperture in low light F1.5, while in daylight it becomes F2.4.

Among the special features offered by the new Galaxy S9 + in order to take travel photos, it is also worth noting the panoramic function.

With her from the Baleària ferry in which we arrived at the port of Ibiza we were able to take some good panoramic photos of its historic center.

Ibiza Cathedral in the historic center Dalt Vila

Or also the photos we took from the wall of Dalt Vila historic site, too World Heritage, with the image of the cathedral at the top of the hill where the enclosure sits.

Likewise, for the portraits the dynamic approach system that allows blurring the background is very useful.

Beyond its use for take travel pictures, he Galaxy S9 + that we have been able to try incorporates other functions that reinforce it as an interesting alternative for certain audiences, such as the Super-Slow-mo system that allows to do slow-motion videos at 960 frames per second.

Also the innovative function Emoji AR that creates an avatar when taking a photo, to which you can then incorporate your own gestures and share it on social networks.

As well as other features of the assistant Bixby, like the one provided by the mobile camera to translate any language automatically.

Wave of augmented reality, which for example allows you to recognize the images of a restaurant's food to give you nutritional information, or will indicate places of interest just by focusing on a street with your camera.

Corner of Dalt Vila historic center in Ibiza

As a summary, in front of the traditional reflex camera, today zooming is the only thing we miss when using the mobile to take photos of a trip, because you already know that digital zoom does not offer the quality that is required.

Of course, in the Galaxy S9 + We have positively appreciated the function that allows you to approach the scene by making a 2X zoom, that without really being a zoomOn certain occasions it has been useful.

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