Landscapes of Balestrand in Sognefjord, the Fjord of Dreams in Norway

Hotel Kviknes in Balestrand in Sognefjord in Norway

Everyone can have their reasons for travel to the Norway Fjords, but the main reason that has always encouraged me to visit this region of the Nordic country is enjoy your landscapes.

The Norway fjords They have something special that most people are very attractive to us.

And it is that combination between the very green and lush mountain landscapes that also extend along the sea (although you never know if it really is an area of ​​lakes).

Balestrand corner in Sognefjord in Norway

The charm of that landscape is completed with the scenes of wooden houses, with their facades of diverse colors that dot the landscape and propitiate beautiful postcards.

That was the feeling I had during my recent trip to the Norwegian fjords when spending a rest day in Balestrand, very small population of Sognefjord (he Fjord of Dreams).

Indeed, by an adjustment of the program initially planned, after a day of trekking in the Jostedal glacier, and on the way to AlesundWe spent a morning in which the placidity and enjoyment of the landscape took center stage.

Sognefjord, Fjord of Dreams

The truth is that the best circumstances coincided.

On the one hand, one morning with a splendid sun that illuminated every corner and highlighted the colors of the facades of the wooden houses of Balestrand.

Balestrand corner in Sognefjord in Norway

On the other hand, being housed in a hotel with great charm, he Kviknes.

It is a family hotel with a beautiful wooden building, "Swiss" style, whose origin dates back to the year 1752.

Run by the Kvikn familyand since 1877, it is a hotel that has a very special charm, whose rooms show very diverse works of art, and in which many artists have traditionally stayed.

On the banks of the fjord, the large white wooden building of the hotel Kviknes It has become one of the iconic images of this fjord, one of the largest in Norway.

What to see in Balestrand

And, of course, have time to pass quietly through Balestrand, being able to enjoy the charm of its beautiful wooden houses, in which the red and white colors illuminated its facades.

All very well-kept houses, like their gardens, something that characterizes a country like Norway.

Wooden church in Balestrand in Sognefjord in Norway

To also point out the wooden church of Balestrand, built in 1897 in the image and likeness of the typical wooden churches like the Vik, also on the banks of Sognefjord, which we had the opportunity to visit on the same trip.

I will finally tell you that in Balestrand you also have the possibility of visit a cider house, where from their apple production they produce different varieties of ciders with original flavors.

Here you have more information aboutSummer activities in the Norwegian Fjords.

Pictures Balestrand in Sognefjord

So you can see that I am not exaggerating what has been said, and as an advance on your trip to the Norwegian fjords, here are more Balestrand pictures, town that you must visit on the banks of Sogne fjord.

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