Costa Brava - What to see in the visit of Pals, the gothic town of Radio Liberty

Corner of the gothic town of Pals on the Costa Brava of Catalonia

The Costa Brava It is well known for its beaches and coves, but a stay in this coastal area of Catalonia you can find many other attractions.

Among them, the possibility of visiting charming medieval villages, and in this respect Pals, at Under Empordà, acquires a great prominence.

Pals It is an inner town that you have 40 kilometers east of Girona, which mostly known for its rehabilitated gothic enclosure over the last decades and very good preserved.

Corner of the gothic town of Pals on the Costa Brava of Catalonia

Pals history

From Pals There is already news in the 9th century, although its castle and wall were built between the 11th and 13th centuries.

Located on a hill surrounded by swampy plains where grow the rice, one of the main economic activities currently in the area, the current Pals charm it is largely due to the doctor Pí and Figueras.

In a town that was destroyed by then, this character began in the 40s to acquire properties for later restoration.

The rise of Pals during the last century it is also due to the installation in 1959 of Liberty Radio in Pals, a very powerful station that from the nearby Pals beach issued anti-communist propaganda directed to the former Soviet Union.

The presence of a small US military contingent to maintain it made Pals a very prosperous town.

Ca la Pruna de Pals culture house in Bajo Ampurdán

Now when visits Pals you will go a very small walled enclosure where all the houses are made of stone and are in very good condition.

What to see in Pals

On your tour you should look at the gothic windows, and in the various decorative elements of the facades, among which the guardian angels.

A first building to point out that you are going to find as you go to the small walled enclosure is Ca la Pruna, an old fortified house of the fifteenth century that is now the headquarters of the Pals Culture House.

Soon you reach the little one Main Square, located outside the old medieval enclosure, which you access by going under a Gothic arch.

In that square you have the headquarters of town hall and the Pals Tourist Office.

Tribute Tower in Pals in Bajo Ampurdán

Already inside the medieval enclosure, you will be struck by graves dating back to the time of the Visigoths, which are in a rocky bend.

Soon you will arrive at the main monument of Pals, the St. Peter's Church, whose origins move you to the year 994, and in which various architectural styles overlap.

From the Romanesque base of the 10th century, and the apse and the Gothic nave of the 15th century, to the baroque entrance porch, of the 17th century, and the bell tower of the 18th century.

Nearby you can see the tower of tribute, a Romanesque tower that was part of the castle.

An adjoining building is the family's private residence Pi and Figueras.

Finally, from the the church square you can access the Josep Pla viewpoint, from where you have excellent panoramic views of this area of ​​the Under Empordà.

Corner of the gothic town of Pals on the Costa Brava of Catalonia

In short, a very pleasant walk that is not justified to spend time on a bad day at the beach. Pals deserves your visit for its peculiar appeal.

How to get to Pals

Pals you find it on the Costa Brava, at the height and east of Girona, and very close to very tourist villages like Begur, Calella de Palafrugell Y Llanfranc.

Pals Photos

Here you have more Photos of Pals in Bajo Ampurdán.

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