Getaway through the more rural Guadalajara on the Route of the Black Villages

Campillo de Ranas, black town of Guadalajara

I had wanted to make a trip to the Route of the Black Villages of Guadalajara, close to Madrid.

As an appetizer, not long ago I had the opportunity to visit black towns in the province of Segovia, as Very much or The Negredo in the Ayllón mountain range, and many years ago Patones de Arriba in the province of Madrid.

But the truth is that black towns of Guadalajara They have a special reputation, and are very visited by the people of Madrid, especially in autumn or taking advantage of festive bridges and weekends.

It is a characteristic type of rural architecture in which the blackboard use as constructive material, not only of houses, but also on fences, bridges, fountains or other elements of the urban landscape.

The result is a general black tone that surrounds these towns, although there are also other shades of the slate, such as ocher.

It is a type of architecture that you also find in other places in Spain, as in the Pyrenees, with one of whose best examples is the Aran Valley in the province of Lleida, or also in the Hurdes in Estremadura.

Finally, taking advantage of a nice autumn day, I decided to make this visit.

Hermitage of Campillejo, black town of Guadalajara

In this way I was sure that I could enjoy the combination of beautiful autumn landscapes with the peculiar architectural style of these villages from the most rural side of Guadalajara.

As you can see in the photos that accompany this report, I was not mistaken.

Where to see black towns in Guadalajara

The so-called black towns of Guadalajara they are grouped in the vicinity of the mountains that separate said province with that of Segovia, and also close to the delimitation with Madrid, at the foot of the Ocejón Peak.

If you come from the north, the way to get there is from Riaza, going up the port of la Queserawhere can you see the Beech Forest, also known as the Hayedo de Riaza.

Descending from the port on the southern slope you will reach Majaelrayo and the rest of the villages.

Majaelrayo, black town of Guadalajara

From Madrid, the most common route will be the one that takes you to the city of Guadalajara, and from there, to the northeast, you will climb by Humans to get to Cogolludo, place that is considered the first milestone of this route.

Another road is along the A1, and turning off at Algete, you will reach Tamajón, route that I chose.

Bonaval Monastery

Shortly before reaching Tamajón you find an interesting corner, the remains of Bonaval monastery.

This landscape corner you can see a couple of kilometers from the town of Holds, and it is about the abandoned remains of what was a Cistercian monastery Founded in 1164.

Campillo de Ranas, black town of Guadalajara

Of the same now only the church remains in serious deterioration process.

This situation warns you a sign at the beginning of the path that runs along the banks of a river, and after walking a mile and a half allows you to reach these remains.

Regardless of the route you have chosen, when you arrive in Tamajón the road will then take you along the western slope of the Ocejón Peak by towns like Campillejo, Campillo de Ranas, El Espinar and Majaelrayo.

You also have the option to follow the route that takes you through other villages along the east slope of the mentioned mountain. Almiruete, to get to Valverde de los Arrojos.

Asunción Church in Tamajón

Tamajón it's not really a black town, but it's worth stopping to see the church of the assumption.

Church of the Assumption in Tamajón in Guadalajara

It is a large building whose origin dates back to the thirteenth century, of which only the beautiful one is preserved porticoed atrium with half-pointed bows, with cinnamon decorated with covers and human figures.

In the 16th century an adaptation was carried out in the Renaissance style.

As you follow the route, very close you find the curious place known as the Enchanted City of Tamajón,

There are several formations that are the result of the erosion of water in the rocks, which will remind you of the famous place of Enchanted City of Cuenca.

A little later you will see the Hermitage of Ntra. Mrs. of the Enebrales, from the beginning of the 16th century.

Enchanted City of Tamajón in Guadalajara

From there, and as you go up to the mountains, it is when you will find the real ones black towns.

In them, although there are still many somewhat deteriorated houses, you may be surprised to see how well maintained most of them are.

Actually these are buildings built later by people that have been established in recent decades in these villages, among which you can also see several Rural houses.

The result is that, against what surely happened a while ago, now you will walk not by semi-abandoned villages, but rather careful, and in which you will find very nice and beautiful corners.

In this regard, it is worth mentioning the small hermitage totally rebuilt on slate that you can see in the village of Campillejo

Or the beautiful architectural complex that makes up the main square of Frog Campillo where is your parish church.

Campillo de Ranas, black town of Guadalajara

While I took the getaway on a sunny Sunday in the autumn season, I was somewhat surprised to find less tourists than I feared, which allowed me to walk almost alone through the alleyways of these small towns.

It was also very much appreciated at lunchtime, as there are not many places to do it, and on more tourist dates, such as a bridge, there are usually overbooking in the restaurants.

The option chosen was the Tejera Negra restaurant in Frog Campillo, where they offer you a menu with dishes to choose from, with good value for money and very nice attention.

Of course, for a future getaway the route that leads toValverde de los Arroyos, which seems to be one of the most prominent villages in the black architecture of Guadalajara.

Photos black towns Guadalajara

Here you have more photos of the black architecture of Guadalajara in the autumn time.

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