How to visit the National Basilica of Quito and climb the tower

Panoramic views of Quito from the National Basilica in Ecuador

Upload to the Muffin It's the first visit you should do on your trip to Quito, because it will allow you to have spectacular panoramic views of the historic center.

In that panoramic view there is a building that will surely catch your attention for its great architectural contrast with the historic buildings of Quito more significant

It's about the Basilica of the National Vote, a neo-gothic style church !! that you can see how it rises to the bottom of the historic center.

National Basilica of Quito from El Panecillo

Precisely one of the great attractions of the Quito visit is to be able to see its historicalcolonial churches, like the The company, with its splendid interior covered with gold bread, wave of San Francisco, in the great square of the same name.

That is why it is more "shocking" to find a church of this neo-Gothic architectural style, which was also completed and was consecrated in 1988, 30 years ago.

In this regard you should know that the National Basilica It is considered the largest neo-Gothic temple in America.

Leaving aside the limited architectural interest of the building, the truth is that if you have time during your stay in QuitoSurely you will be surprised to visit it.

Basilica of the National Vote in Quito

And with more reason knowing that you can climb to one of its tower from where you will have the opposite panoramic views of Quito, with the bun at the bottom.

That was the case during my recent trip to the Ecuadorian capital, when I took the opportunity to approach the Basilica with the intention of climbing its towers, since it is also very close to the historic center.

National Basilica History of Quito

Of the Quito Basilica the first stone was laid in 1892, after the decision to build it at the time of the president Gabriel Garcia Moreno.

Now when you get to visit it you will see a building that will remind you of gothic cathedrals such as Burgos wave of Notre Dame de Paris.

With a length of 150 meters and a width of 35 meters, its central nave also has a height of 35 meters.

Central nave of the Basilica of the National Vote in Quito

For its part, the two towers that rise above the main facade reach almost 80 meters.

How to climb the tower of the National Basilica

In your visit, in addition to being able to tour the interior of your ship, you can climb a tower, but not those mentioned on the main facade.

Specifically you will climb a lower tower in the form of an arrow located on the cruise.

Of course, I anticipate that it is not an ascent suitable for people suffering from vertigo.

From the beginning you will go up by elevator to a first level, from where you have a viewpoint that offers you the first panoramic views of the Quito city, with the two towers of the Basilica spotlight.

El Panecillo and the historic center of Quito from the Basilica

But to climb to the highest point, you must make the ascent by an almost vertical staircase in which at each moment there can only be one person.

Of course from there you will have the best panoramic views, as you can see in the photos that accompany this report.

From there, in the distance, you can see the bun, which will close the circle of your views of the historic center of Quito.

Schedules Basilica of Quito

If you finally dare to approach the Quito Basilica, you should know that their visiting hours are from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm, and on weekends, from 6 am to 6.30 pm.

He price of admission To climb the tower is 2 US dollars.

Video: Climbing to the top of Basilica Voto del National, Quito, Ecuador (December 2019).