Best places to see in the beautiful town Priego de Córdoba

Church of the Assumption in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia

You had been wanting to get away for a while villages of the interior of Andalusia, For those white villages where I expected to find beautiful corners with whitewashed houses and labyrinthine streets full of flowers.

While the weather has not helped, in the recent trip through the Passion Paths I have been able to enjoy the charm of some of the corners I was looking for.

Passion Paths It is a cultural route that unites various peoples villages of the provinces of Cordova, Seville Y Jaen under the argument of the traditions of Lent Y Easter week.

Neighborhood of the Villa in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia

This route not only allows you to deepen the knowledge of these conditions, but you can also discover a very interesting cultural heritage,

And of course, stroll through some really beautiful villages.

And if of a nice village I have to talk, no doubt Priego de Córdoba Take all the lead.

What to see in Priego de Córdoba

Located an hour and a half southeast of Cordova, Priego rests on a hillside, a location that will allow you to enjoy beautiful panoramic views of this area of ​​the Sub-Bet Saws.

Priego de Córdoba Castle in Andalusia

Balcony of the Adarve

You have these views from the enclave known as Balcony of the Adarve, walk that runs through a natural balcony open to the edge of a large pit.

This walk borders part of the Neighborhood of the Villa, the place that you should center your visit of Priego de Córdoba.

Neighborhood of the Villa

It's about the old historical Center of the medieval town, with the characteristic labyrinthine path of narrow streets, typical of an urban nucleus of Muslim origin.

You will find these streets with their flower-decorated facades, which will allow you to see very beautiful corners.

Balcony of the Adarbe in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia

Of course in an old Muslim enclave as it is Priego de Córdoba You can't miss a castle.

Castle of Priego de Córdoba

In the aforementioned Neighborhood of the Villa you can still see and climb a wall and a couple of towers of what was a Alcazaba.

Church of the Assumption

From there, in the foreground you can see the iAssumption Church, the main monument of Priego, a 16th-century Mudejar Gothic style building, which was remodeled in the 18th century in the Baroque style.

Inside you can see the spectacular baroque decoration of its dome.

Church of Asunción in Priego de Córdoba

Aurora Church

But if you really like the ornate baroque decoration that characterizes many Andalusian churches, in Priego de Córdoba you have an unavoidable appointment with the Aurora church.

It is an old 15th century chapel with a rectangular plan, which during the 18th century was renovated in a very overloaded baroque style.

Note that in this church you find one of the most peculiar expressions of the religious feeling of the Paths of Passion route.

Every Saturday of the year, at 12 pm, the church leaves Brothers of the Aurora who walk the streets and squares of the town singing traditional songs.

Aurora church in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia

Shrine of the Immaculate in San Pedro church

In this regard, it is also worth mentioning the spectacular dressing room with an image of Immaculate what can you see in the St. Peter's Church,

Here you can also see a small museum with artistic objects from a brotherhood.

King's Fountain

Another place to review in your walk through Priego de Córdoba it's the monumental King's Fountain, originally from the 16th century, dedicated to king neptune, and renovated at the beginning of the 20th century.

Aurora church in Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia

You can also see the building of the Royal Butchers, stay that was slaughterhouse and market in the 16th century.

And as a curiosity, in the Balcony of the Adarve you find a small sculpture dedicated to Joselito, artist who shot one of his films in Priego de Córdoba.

Pictures Priego de Córdoba

Here you have more photos of places to visit in Priego de Córdoba.

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