A walk through the medieval village of Lerma and its monuments in Burgos

Santa Clara square in Lerma in the province of Burgos

One of the villages of Castilla y León that more popularity has among Madrid people when it comes to making a getaway is, without a doubt, Lerma, in the province of Burgos.

At a distance of just over 200 kilometers from the capital, Lerma it has as one of its great attractions the traditional cuisinewith numerous steakhouses which allows you to enjoy roast lamb, a typical dish in the area.

But, from my point of view, Lerma It has such wealth of heritage that it justifies an excursion to discover it, just as I have been able to do in my various excursions to that Burgos town.

Lerma in the province of Burgos

Lerma's story

Lerma occupies a strategic place on the banks of Arlanza river, so that throughout history it has become a crossroads.

He Historic moment most prominent of this villa is linked to the presence of Duke of Lerma, who after the transfer of the Court of Spain to Valladolid in 1601, he tried to create a cut own in Lerma.

For 20 years at the beginning of the 17th century, Lerma had its great heritage development coinciding with the time when the Duke of Lerma it was valid from King Philip III.

At that time, to Lerma relevant artists and characters arrived, and banquets and parties were held in honor of the Kings of Spain.

Jail Arch in Lerma in Burgos

His fall of power and his conversion into a cardinal to avoid persecution led to Duke of Lerma to take refuge in the town of Burgos until his death in 1625.

Shortly after, this town that had up to six monasteries began its decline.

Now when visits Lerma You will find a historical center with a great heritage reflecting that era of strength.

The best way to visit it is by signing up for Guided visits which organizes the tourist office.

What to see and do in Lerma

The historical core of Lerma It extends on the slopes of a hill and still retains some corners of the primitive medieval enclosure, such as the old Villa square, with its arcades, or the Jail Arch, main entrance door through which was its wall.

Collegiate Church of San Pedro in Lerma in the province of Burgos

Not far you have the medieval bridge and the Hermitage of Humilladero, the only one preserved from the era of Duke of Lerma.

Lerma porticoed main square

But the central axis of the current Lerma is the one that part of his huge Main Square.

In a completely porticoed origin, it is one of the largest squares in Spain, and when its true dimension is best appreciated it is in those days that it remains free of vehicles.

Doge's Palace, Parador de Lerma

There you find the building of former Ducal palace, built in 1617 in herreriano style in the place occupied by the old medieval castle.

Doge's Palace, now national hostel of Lerma in Burgos

With its four towers and an image that in a way will remind you of Escorial monasterysaid building that was a Royal Palace was ceded to Duke of Lerma by his childhood friend, the aforementioned King Philip III.

Currently the Ducal Palace it is the seat of a national hostel of Lerma, which I advise you to at least visit for a coffee in one of the armchairs of its huge interior cloister, a good way to rest the overwhelming food you have tasted.

Convent of San Blas in Lerma

In an adjacent square the Convent of San Blas, from 1627, currently inhabited by Dominican nuns, and where a large reliquary is preserved.

Collegiate Church of San Pedro in Lerma

your walk through Lerma It should lead you from the Main Square until the San Pedro Collegiate Church.

Doge's Palace, now national hostel of Lerma in Burgos

That tour, from the Ducal Palace, the kings and the Duke of Lerma through a tunnel known as the Ducal Passage, which can be visited today.

In this way they could attend the religious offices of the collegiate church without having to go outside.

Cited San Pedro Collegiate Church It was built at the same time, early seventeenth century, and inside you can see a floor of three naves with ambulatory and a cruise.

During the visit you will be struck by the original altarpiece and, above all, the bronze grave of Cristobal de Rojas and Sandoval, as well as the two organs of 1616.

On the other hand, in the sacristy of the collegiate church you will see a huge marble table hummed gift of father, which the duke hid from the king when he went to Lerma.

Monastery of the Ascension in Lerma in Burgos

Santa Clara Square in Lerma

Another prominent corner in your visit of Lerma, next to the collegiate church, is the Santa Clara square, with the sepulcher of the famous guerrilla of the War of Independence known as the priest Merino.

Next to the square opens the Arcos viewpoint, from where you have the best panoramic views of the Vega of the Arlanza River.

Finally to highlight the Ascension monastery, of 1610, that was the first convent founded in Lerma by the Dukes of Uceda, and where nowadays Franciscan nuns reside in Poor Clares.

Guided tours of Lerma

Guided tours organized by the Lerma tourist office They have a duration of one hour and a quarter and are held from Tuesday to Saturday, at 10.30, 12 and 17 hours, and on Sundays, at 11 hours.

Santa Clara square in Lerma in the province of Burgos

Here you can check all the updated information on the guided tours of Lerma, whose price is 4 euros.

How to get to Lerma in Burgos

Lerma It is 200 kilometers away north of Madrid, From where you arrive in 2 hours on the A1, and only half an hour south of the city of Burgos.

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