Tips to visit and see the best of the historic Ferrol in Galicia

Houses with glazed galleries in Barrio la Magdalena in Ferrol

Until my recent trip to Galicia to attend the international fair FEVINO, the truth is that I had never considered the possibility of visit Ferrol in the Rías Altasnot far from A Coruña.

But this trip has allowed me to discover a historic Galician city in tourism development process, leaving behind the time when the naval industry, and then its crisis, have had all the prominence.

Ferrol now it is a city of about 70,000 inhabitants, although after the construction during the 18th century of its historical shipyards and military arsenal It became the most populated Galician town.

Municipal Palace in Plaza de Armas de Ferrol in Galicia

From Ferrol You may have heard about the industrial crisis that came as a result of the restructuring of the naval sector in Spain.

And you will also know that in Ferrol he was born Francisco Franco, the reason why in its time it was called Ferrol del Caudillo.

Although you may not know (as I did not know ...) that in Ferrol he was also born Pablo Iglesias, the one who was the founder of Spanish Socialist Worker's Party.

Now Ferrol It is a small city that is bringing to light its tourist attractions, which goes through the recovery of its historical and cultural heritage.

Puerta del Dique in the historic Ferrol shipyards in Galicia

And also in recent times it has become one of the ports where every year the usual ones come cruise ships full of tourists, which encourages this population to maintain its long naval tradition on the tourist map of Galicia.

What to see and do in Ferrol

Looking forward to your possible visit during your next trip to Galicia, and from my experience, I will suggest belowwhat can you see and do in Ferrol.

Stroll through the Magdalena neighborhood

The decision in 1726 by Philip V of what Ferrol it will become one of the big three military naval bases from the peninsula, led to the construction of the shipyards.

Modernist building in Barrio de la Magdalena de Ferrol in Galicia

To expand the then small village of Ferrol, initially the Esteiro's working class neighborhood, but later, in 1761,Carlos III approved the construction of Magdalena neighborhood, an example of rationalist urbanism.

Known as the chocolate tablet, the Magdalena neighborhood It has the shape of a long rectangle with perpendicular streets and two large squares, that of Amboaxe and of Weapons.

Houses with glass galleries in Ferrol

Now largely pedestrianized, the Magdalena neighborhood It is a very nice place to walk where you can see the houses with glazed galleries on its facades, so characteristic of Galicia, which began to appear precisely in Ferrol.

I anticipate that you will find the greatest atmosphere in the aforementioned Amboaxe square, which could be considered the true center of the city.

Casa Antón, modernist building in Ferrol

Modernist buildings in Ferrol

A great attraction of walk through the Magdalena Neighborhood is see the numerous examples of modernist architecture.

It was at the beginning of the twentieth century that buildings with such architectural style began to be built so fashionable at that time in large European cities.

Many of them are due to the work of the municipal architect Rodolfo Ucha, author of modernist buildings as significant as the Jofre Theater, the Romero House wave Anton House.

Also noteworthy is the Rodrigo House and the Munduate House, although I tell you that my favorite building is the Anton House, which you find in front of Ferrol Tourism Hostel.

Historic building of the Arsenal de Ferrol Hall of Arms in Galicia

Visit the historic Arsenal and shipyards

What in the past became the main focus of Ferrol industrial development, he Arsenal and shipyards, now they are a focus of attraction for tourism given its heritage value.

During this visit you will see ehistorical differences as the Weapons Room wave curtain fortification, which protects the entry of the military naval base, which is still used.

You can also see dikes, such as the bell, of 1789, or the monumental gate of the dike, one of the icon images of Ferrol

What museums to visit in Ferrol

In you Ferrol getaway you can also to visit museums, among which I will recommend three.

Ferrol Naval Museum in Galicia

Naval Military Museum of Ferrol

In the shipyard area you have the Naval Military museum, in which you will see numerous curious objects such as navigation material, maps, model ships, flags, etc ...

This museum also preserves information on the ships built in Ferrol from 1751 to 1984.

Here you can check the schedules to visit the Naval Museum of Ferrol, as well as useful information for your visit.

Ferrol Shipbuilding Museum

Next to him, in an industrial building of the nineteenth century, is Exponav, shipbuilding museum, a more suitable visit for true interested in this industry.

Exponav, Ferrol Shipbuilding Museum in Galicia

This Museum It is considered the largest in Europe dedicated to this theme of the ship building.

Here is the information with the schedules and ticket prices of the Ferrol Shipbuilding Museum.

Natural History Museum of Ferrol

And a third option of a totally different theme, very suitable if you travel with children, is the Museum of Natural History what do you find in the Canido neighborhood.

Managed by the Galician Society of Natural History, it's the only one nature museum You find in Galicia.

Natural History Museum in Ferrol

In their two rooms they find various mummified animals that were found dead on the Galician coast, among which the skeleton of a whale and a large squid stands out.

For your visit, check the Ferrol Natural History museum opening hours.

Las Meninas Route

A curious visit you can do in Ferrol is called Las Meninas Route.

As a result of the local artist's initiative Eduardo Hermida, until recently depressed Canido neighborhood It is undergoing a transformation thanks to the artistic works that in recent years are covering the facades of their houses.

Eduardo Hermida at his house in Canido in Ferrol

Always with the theme of the famous canvas of Velázquez, Spanish and foreign artists are giving value to these facades, and the result is a cultural route of clear tourist interest.

Now him Canido neighborhood It has been revalued and there you can find, among other paintings, one that is supposed to be the work of the considered as the greatest reference of thestreet art in the worldBanksy.

Stroll through the port of Curuxeiras

He origin of the current city of Ferrol It is located in a small village with a port on the banks of the estuary.

Of the so-called Old Ferrol Now it's just worth seeing the port of Curuxeiras, which is the beginning of the so-called English way to Santiago.

Port of Curuxeiras in Ferrol Viejo in Galicia

Currently it is mostly occupied by leisure boats, although you can see some fishing boats, in addition to being the starting point of the pleasure boats with passengers that cross the estuary.

I advise you to go up to Bulwark, fortification that will serve as a viewpoint, compared to the one you have mentioned above curtain fortress that defends the naval base.

Visit fortresses in Ferrol

The tradition of the Ferrol estuary As a basis for the protection of naval fleets it goes back to before the construction of the shipyards.

Due to its special configuration, with a narrowing at the entrance, fortifications were erected in the 16th century that defended the mentioned estuary.

Fortress of the Bulwark in the port of Curuxeiras in Ferrol

In this regard, theSan Felipe Castle, which you can now visit near the city, in addition to the aforementioned fortifications in the dock.

Congresses in Ferrol

I already commented that my Ferrol visit coincided with the celebration of an event, specifically the FEVINO international wine fair.

It should not surprise you because Ferrol is becoming a destination for congresses and events thanks to modern facilities like the new Auditorium, he FIMO fairgrounds or the headquarters of the Foundation.

MTB on the beach of Santa Comba near Ferrol

Beaches and surroundings of Ferrol

In a subsequent trip we had the opportunity to enjoy one of the greatest attractions of this historic Galician city. the beaches and natural areas that extend through the surroundings of Ferrol.

These are natural areas with long white sand beaches, such as Doniños or San Xurxo, or enclaves like the ends Prioriño Y Prior, in the natural space of the Artabra Coast.

This makes the surroundings of Ferrol in a place conducive to family tourism for the various nature activities what can you do, like hiking, mountain biking or kayak.

But it is also a geographical area with various cultural attractions, such as the San Andres de Teixidó Sanctuary or the Caaveiro monastery.

Gastronomy in Ferrol in Galicia

What to eat in Ferrol

Of course, in the trip to Ferrol I also didn't miss the chance to enjoy the typical Galician gastronomy, from the most traditional to the most elaborate, one of the great attractions that of course you also find in community.

Monkfish loin with seafood or in green sauce, stewed cuttlefish, hedgehogs with spinach or grilled octopus, are some of the delicacies I could taste in Ferrol.

Finally, I advise you to visit Ferrol download to your mobile the official app, which I told you has been one of the few that has really been useful to me when visiting a place.

How to get to Ferrol

Ferrol is 40 minutes away north of the city of A Coruña, in Galicia.

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