How is a snowmobile excursion in Arctic Norway

Snowmobile excursion near Alta in Arctic Norway

When you consider a Winter trip to Arctic Norway, in the natural region of Lapland which runs through the north of the Nordic countries, surely you are thinking about the possibility of see the northern lights.

But surely you know that the excursion to try to see them is just one of the very diverse snow activities What will you do during this dream trip?

I anticipate that a common link between them may be to move in snowmobile for the endless snowy landscapes of this Nordic region, which is already an experience in itself.

Snowmobile excursion near Alta in Arctic Norway

Indeed, according to the experience in my last trips to Norway or Finland in winter, several of the activities What you are going to do incorporate a snowmobile as an attraction.

So, I have driven a snowmobile by an icy lake to go fishing by making a hole in the ice, or I've also made a Snowmobile tour to see boreal authors.

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How is an excursion driving snowmobile

But as I said, make a excursion driving a snowmobile It is an activity of great attraction that you should not do on your trip.

Snowmobile Night Tour in Arctic Norway

And if you don't dare or don't want to drive, you always have the option of going as «package»Accompanying the driver, which will also allow you to enjoy the excursion.

This has been confirmed again in the recent trip to Arctic Norway, this time in an area near the city of high, where we fully enjoy a snowmobile tour of several hours.

Not far from there, further north in the area of Kirkenes border with Russia, on a previous trip we made a snowmobile night excursion, whose purpose was the possibility of seeing northern lights.

On this occasion the objective was to make an extensive route through varied landscapes towards the interior of the coastal city of high.

From experience I will tell you that these excursions driving your own snowmobile can be more or less satisfactory depending on where you do them and in the format as you carry it out.

If you have not yet traveled to Arctic Norway, you should know that the snowmobile is a basic means of transport that residents in the region use to travel in winter.

Snowmobile in Arctic Norway

And not only because of the proximity of their houses, but also to make long excursions or trips of several hours between towns or even cities.

There are established routes so that snowmobiles they can circulate on snowy tracks, which run through wide plains or go into thick forests.

And, of course, in winter the Norwegians cross the frozen lakes on the backs of their powerful snowmobiles.

Therefore, at the time of sign up for a snowmobile excursion Ideally, make sure that you will drive through areas where you can enjoy these idyllic snowy landscapes, far from big cities.

That was the case of our recent excursion in which we could enjoy such landscapes.

It is also important that in the excursion to which you join the group of participants is not too large.

Snowmobile excursion near Alta in Arctic Norway

If not, surely in the end you will circulate in a long and slow tail of snowmobiles without the possibility of enjoying your driving.

If the group is small, for example of less than 10 people, you will surely have the opportunity to drive to your own extent.

Where to drive snowmobile in Alta

Specifically, the excursion we did with Norseman Trail, a newly created company, allowed us to drive snowmobiles fully into our air.

In this type of excursion always first a guide with his motorcycle goes, which opens the route, and in the end another guide that closes the group.

If the group is very massive, some other guide may accompany you.

Snowmobile excursion near Alta in Arctic Norway

In the case of our excursion the truth is that we were somewhat separated into small groups, and from time to time the first guide stopped for the motorcycle group to group.

These excursions are intended to discover different landscapes, with the possibility of doing different types of driving, either by narrow paths of a forest, or in a great plain or on an extensive frozen lake.

The tour ends at a specific place where a camping to eat, well in a kind store Sami that the company has installed in some beautiful enclave, or outdoors, enabling a space to sit.

The food is kind picnic Around a fire that is lit

The banana with fire-warmed chocolate, sausages, cheese and potato breads are a regular part of the diet, and coffee or tea is the drink that will comfort you from the possible cold you will feel if you do the excursion On a non-sunny day.

Snowmobile excursion near Alta in Arctic Norway

After collecting all the food supplies, it is time to return for the same route, which is usually done at a faster speed, and with hardly any stops and with greater freedom in driving.

In sum, one essential experience in you Winter trip to Arctic Norway.

Video: Snowmobile excursions by Arctic Coast AS (November 2019).