The best tips for traveling to Jordan with the essential visits

Petra's treasure in Jordan

Jordan It is from those countries that has a great attraction for those who like to travel.

To a large extent it is a dream destination because it contains some places that we all surely want to know, such as the lost city of Petra.

Despite that special halo that surrounds the destination, it is best that once you have the opportunity to travel to Jordan, not only will it not disappoint you, but you will discover corners whose charm you could not imagine.

Petra's treasure in Jordan from the Siq gorge

I already tell you that that happened to me with the Wadi Rum desert, which was the best surprise of my trip.

The first thing I will tell you is that you should dismiss the possible doubts that this country may create for you on the subject of security.

Is Jordan a safe country to travel?

In fact Jordan It is considered as theMiddle East Switzerland.

Tourists on a camel at the Treasury of Petra in Jordan

It is indeed a muslim country that in recent years has suffered the fall of tourism from Spain as a result of theArab Spring, and of the war with Isis in neighboring countries.

But from my point of view, the most important thing when considering a trip to a country is to have political stability.

And that regardless of the risk of attacks jihadists which, unfortunately, currently exists not only in middle East, but especially in Europe.

In fact in Jordan There is no political revolt taking place, and after going through it during my trip I can say that it is asafe country for tourists.

As for another reluctance that Muslim countries always produce, the I treat the woman It is much closer to that of Western countries than they have in other countries around them.

Of course you see women with veils, but it is also common to see many women with western clothing, something that does not happen in other countries where we also usually travel.

Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

Do I need a visa to travel to Jordan?

For visit Jordan you need a visa, which you can get in advance at the embassy of the country, or without problems in it Amman airport.

Thisvisato travel to Jordan At present it costs about 20 dinars (1 dinar to the change is more or less one euro), but if you enter as part of a group of five people or more, it is free (the group's departure must coincide on the same flight).

Of course, it is advisable not to change currency at the airport, as you will find other places, such as the hotels themselves, where you will have better change.

Jordan It is a country of arid landscapes, except to the north of Amman, where they have told me that there are areas with great vegetation, which I cannot confirm because it is an area that I did not visit.

Hotel at the entrance to the Petra compound in Jordan

In the main route from Amman south you will find semi-desert landscapes, and desert with dunes in Wadi Rum.

With respect to Jordan weather, I traveled in November and it was a very pleasant time, very warm, but far from the extreme heats of summer.

Now, from December and during the months of January and February it is common for snow, and even heavy snowfall can fall; I mean, it's cold.

Jordan It is not an exaggeratedly cheap country, as are some other countries, but it is cheaper than, for example, Spain.

A coffee or a coffee can cost you a dinar, but if you take it in a luxurious hotel in Amman, you can pay three dinars.

Food in Bedouin tents in the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

How to visit Jordan with an organized tour

On your trip to this country of middle East, instead of knowing it on your own, you might prefer visit Jordan on an organized tour with a Spanish guide.

In this regard you have the option to sign up for a 8 day trip in which they will go looking for you Amman airport to start the tour through the most prominent enclaves of the country.

This trip is made with stay in 4 and 5 star hotels and you will visit places that include Amman, the Dead Sea, Petra or the Wadi Rum desert.

Here you have all the information of Full tour of Jordan in 8 days.

Nabatean tombs in Petra in Jordan

Tours and excursions in Jordan

If you go to travel on your own to Jordan, another alternative you have is to sign up for guided tours in Spanish, both from the capital, Amman, as from the city of Aqaba, at Red Sea.

All these excursions areprivate tour, ideal for family groups or friends.

For example, the excursion to Petra It will allow you to know this enclave in just one day, which will take you 12 hours.

For its part, the excursion to the desert castles and the Dead Sea It takes place in about 8 hours, and you can also combine the Dead Sea with a excursion to Bethany It will take you 6 hours.

Here you have all the information of Jordan tours from Amman. and about excursions from Áqaba in the Red Sea.

All-terrain excursion through the Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

How to visit Jordan on your own

But it is increasingly common that there are people who prefer to travel to these countries on their own, although it must be said that in the case of Jordan, a special saving is not really achieved.

But if you wish, it is not complicated move around the country on your own.

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You canrent a car no problem and the three main roads are not in poor condition.

The indications are in English, in addition to Arabic, but be careful when crossing villages, because although you will drive on a highway, you will find the typical potholes to slow down the speed.

Be respectful of the limitations and drive wisely, because in addition to having many police on the roads with speed controls, the highway can be crossed by pedestrians or animals.

Views of Amman from the Citadel in Jordan

Also, speaking English you can handle yourself well for Jordan.

Looking at your accommodation, it will be useful to search hotels to travel to Jordan in

In Jordan you will find very hospitable people, not yet malignant for tourism, but which maintains its Muslim customs.


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For example, you can't enter the mosques, as happens for example in Morocco, except in the case ofKing Abdullah Mosque, in Amman, known for its greatBlue Dome, which is considered a tourist attraction.

Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

What does it cost to eat in Jordan

Continuing with the food in Jordanin restaurants standard From the country you can eat for about 13 dinars, and in western-type restaurants in Amman you will have to pay between 8 and 10 dinars for any dish you choose.

Regarding the drink, I remind you that you are in a Muslim country where the alcohol It is very restricted, although in tourist hotels or in Amman restaurants you have no problem drinking a beer or drinking wine.

Of course, for a beer you have to pay about 7 dinars and the wine has really prohibitive prices in restaurants, from 17 to 30 dinars for a bottle of local wine; in a duty free You can find it for 7 dinars the bottle.

The usual among tourists who come from Spain is to sign up for a one week trip, organized by a travel agency, during which the most interesting places are visited (which costs about 1,200 euros).

Siq Gorge in Petra in Jordan

What is essential to see in Jordan

As for the Essential visits in Jordan, without a doubt, the main character is Petra, archaeological site of the Nabatean culture.

Petra and the Siq Gorge

The enclosure of the old city is located about two kilometers from the entrance of thenarrow gorge Siq, a path through which you must walk until you reach the famousPetra's treasure.

The advisable thing is to dedicate to the Petra visit at least two days for, well, once you've traveled the Siq, you need time to see the different monuments of the great valley where the Nabatean tombs and the roman archeological remains.

Roman remains in Petra in Jordan

In addition, if you have more time, you will have the possibility to do hiking trips to reach places like the monastery.

Heentrance fee to Petra It's not cheap, 60 euros, but keep in mind that it's one of the great wonders of the world.

This price includes a first tour on the backs of a donkey (apart tip).

Another option you have is to enjoy the very special Petra night visit.

Wadi Rum desert in Jordan

Wadi Rum Desert

In you trip to Jordan it must also be essential to visit theWadi Rum desert.

This visit is carried out in an all-terrain vehicle, and during it you can live the experience of stay in a desert camp or you can also see the railwayLawrence of Arabia.

Bath in the Dead Sea in Jordan

Another great attraction is the Dead Sea, where you can stay in a luxurious resort Western style, and where you will live the curious experience of floating in its salt waters, as well as giving yourself a mud bath.

Bath in the Dead Sea in Jordan

Bethany on the Jordan River

Nearby you also have Bethany, another archaeological site on the banks of Jordan river, on the border with Israel, where Jesus Christ is considered baptized.

There you can make your own baptism in the Jordan River.

Aqaba and the Red Sea

And, of course, another attraction of a trip to Jordan is dive or do snorkel in the Red Sea, where you find crystal clear waters.

Here you can sign up for a snorkeling excursion in the Red Sea, which will take you four hours, of which two will be diving through the crystal clear waters near Aqaba.

Bethany, place of baptism on the Jordan River in Jordan

But in Jordan there are other places, perhaps less known, that are also advised to visit, which I could not do during my trip, pending for the future.

Above all, theremains of the Roman city of Jerash, one of the best Roman enclaves that you can see in the world.

And it is also worth noting the old crossed bastion ofKarak, theRoute of the Castles or the enclaves of the oldHoly Land.

Citadel of Amman

Finally, tell you that during your stay in the capital of Jordan, you should not miss the one known as Amman Citadel.

It is an archeological enclave located in one of the hills of the city center, where you will see remains of roman monuments, Byzantines Y Muslims.

Roman remains in the Citadel of Amman in Jordan

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