Best activities to do on a getaway to the Sierra Norte de Gredos

Landscapes in Gredos Norte in the province of Avila

Barely two hours drive from MadridI had hardly visited the Sierra de Gredos.

It was on the most recent excursion when I really had the opportunity to discover the tourist attraction of this regional park south of the province of Avila.

Specifically, during a escape three days in the Sierra Norte de Gredos I have known this mountain region that maintains the essence of the rural world, with very small villages of only a few hundred inhabitants.

Landscapes in Gredos Norte in the province of Avila

And that despite being as close to a large city as it is Madrid.

Of course if you are from Madrid you will meet Gredos, saw that surely you will have visited sometime to do rural tourism,

In fact, it is well known that this mountain range is an ideal place for weekend getaways and bridges, as well as for summer vacations.

What to see and do in Gredos

It is a mountain area whose highest peak, the Almanzor, reaches 2,592 meters, more than Peñalara in the hacksaw ofGuadarrama

Landscapes in Gredos Norte in the province of Avila

In contrast to this mountain range of Madrid, not long ago declaredNational ParkIn Gredos you will not find a ski resort, which has undoubtedly helped to preserve its nature's enclave characteristics.

From the experience of my last visit, here are some tips on what to see and what activities to do in the Sierra Norte de Gredos.

Park House in Hoyos del Espino

In the so-called Park House, in Hoyos del Espino, is theInterpretation Center of the Sierra de Gredos regional park, which in practice does the functions of tourist office.

Visitors arriving in La Gredos visit this building to request information about what activities to do.

In the small exhibition that houses the stone building, through photos, information panels, models and some objects you have a first vision of the characteristics of this regional park.

Park House in Sierra de Gredos

So you can discover some curiosities about the Sierra de Gredos, as it does not have the qualification of National Park for persisting the hunting tradition.

And in this respect, the Mountain goat, true Gredos icon, it is the most appreciated trophy, because the excess of copies encourages its hunting after the previous auction at astronomical prices of the pieces to be shot down.

You will also know that in Gredos you find one of the glacial circuses best preserved in Europe

Looking at your stay, in the Park House they will guide you on excursions to do in Gredos, and about the numerous hiking trails available.

Parador de Gredos

The most traditional option to stay is the Parador de Gredos, but even if you opt for another hotel establishment, it is worth visiting because it is the first of the hostels built in Spain.

Hall of the Speakers in the Parador de Gredos

At present it is a three star establishment that shows the characteristic rural decoration inside.

He origin of the Parador de Gredos is in the purpose of King Alfonso XIII, assiduous hunter of the Hispanic goat in Gredos, to have a Royal hunting shelter.

In this way in 1928 the first establishment of the network of Tourism Paradores of Spain.

In the same one an important historical fact happened, because in the denominated Hall of Silenceor Hall of the Speakers, the last meetings that led to the final drafting of the current one took place Spanish constitution.

In you visit of the hostel You can see this room, where in addition to a commemorative plaque, it shows a bookcase with various objects related to the event.

Mycological route in Gredos in Avila

Nature and mycological routes

Enjoying nature should be your main objective in a getaway getaway.

And what better way to do it accompanied by specialists.

In the Sierra de Gredos there are numerous companies of Active turism, a part of which they offer you guided routes.

On my last visit, which coincided with mushrooms, I participated in a mycological path in which I could discover the reasons why the micotourism It generates so much interest.

But the offer of nature activities in Gredos It is very wide, including routes to see flowers in spring.

Horse Head from the Sierra Norte de Gredos @Photo: Gredos Norte

Astronomical observation

I am passionate about astronomybut I will tell you that until I visited Gredos I did not know that it is an area with the Dark Sky Starlight certification.

This means that it is an ideal place to do astronomical observation thanks to the visibility of the dark sky for a minimum of 250 days a year, and with ideal conditions of height and humidity.

A reflection of this is that, for 15 years, in thehotel El Milano Real from Holes of the Hawthorn they have a small astronomical Observatory installed on the roof.

Initially for the private use of its owner, Paco, currently it is also open to the enjoyment of the dark sky by guests and visitors.

Horseback riding in Sierra de Gredos in Avila

Horse riding in Gredos

It is one of the traditional activities in the Sierra de Gredos, and a good example of this is that Rafael Gonzalez He has been organizing for more than 30 years horseback riding in this area.

As I could see during my getaway, a horse ride It is an ideal way to live the rural environment and enjoy nature in Gredos.

There are two types of audiences that usually go to Gredos to ride a horse.

On the one hand, expert riders who want to enjoy their horseback riding in these landscapes, who, for example, go on excursions to Ávila boat.

Cattle in Sierra de Gredos in Ávila

And, on the other hand, newbies, as is my case, who are the most common customers in summer.

Depending on your experience, you have three optional excursions: two hours; part time; or full day. Choose.

See flowering piornos in spring

I discovered it a couple of years ago when I was returning from Jerte Valley from see cherry blossoms.

In the area of port of Tornavacas yellow-dyed landscapes caught my attention.

Piornos in bloom in Sierra de Gredos @Photo: Tourism Gredos Norte

Now I know it's about flowering piornos which in spring cover up to 65,000 hectares of the mountains of the Sierra de Gredos.

The piornos are low bush bushes that at that time become a tourist attraction.

In Gredos You have information about various areas and viewpoints from where to see the flowering piornos.

Mountaineering in Gredos

In the absence of skiing, Gredos It is an ideal place for the activity of mountaineering, and, in particular, the most demanding mountaineering.

Landscape of the Sierra Norte de Gredos in Avila

One of the challenges is to climb to Almanzor, which has to be done with guidance because in the last section there is danger of accident since it requires a small climb.

However, in the Sierra de Gredos the most emblematic place for do mountaineering it is in the peaks of the Galayos, where you climb from the southern slope, specifically from the Guisando Park House.

Birdwatching in Gredos

If you are fond of birding, in the Sierra de Gredos you have a good place to be bird watching, and with this intention come foreign tourists who have traveled to Spain to develop this activity.

In Gredos you can see, among other birds, royal kites, griffon vultures, black vultures, azores or culebred eagles.

Hide for ornithological photography at Hostal Almanzor in Gredos

As a curiosity and as a reflection of the potential of the bird tourism in these places, I tell you that in the Almanzor Hostel you find a hide.

Its owner, Luis Alfonso, a fan of bird photography, installed it a couple of years ago to facilitate the bird watching For your customers and visitors.

Gastronomy in Gredos

Of course, one of the attractions of your getaway to the Sierra de Gredos must be taste your gastronomy.

You will find the most typical dishes of the province of Ávila, such as crumbs, the potatoes Revolconas, the ship beans or the Avila steak or veal t-bone steak.

Potato chips in rest La Mira de Gredos in Hoyos del Espino

But in addition to the more traditional dishes, which you can taste in places as interesting as the La Mira de Gredos restaurant, in Holes of the Hawthorn, you will be surprised with the haute cuisine elaborations of what was a typical bar in the same town.

In the cafeteria barDrakarthe Cook Roberto Jimenez offers at very affordable prices its gastronomic proposals, such as theboletus carpaccio, roasted sardine loins or candied artichoke and foie.

All this, if you prefer, accompanied by a craft beer that occurs on its own Sierra de Gredos.

Enjoy a spa in Gredos

Finally, I will tell you that in such a rural and natural environment you can also enjoy a spa.

Boletus carpaccio in Drakar cafeteria in Hoyos del Espino

In Holes of the Hawthorn, compared to the aforementioned hotel El Milano Real, is the rural spa Aguas de Gredoswhere can you do the hydrothermal circuit.

For this you have a jet pool or jacuzzi, Turkish bath and Roman baths, as well as a wide range of treatments, where massages are the main protagonists.

When are you going to do yourgetaway getaway?

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