Is it a safe country? Tips and reasons to travel to Tunisia

Medina of Hammamet in Tunisia

«But, it is safe to travel to Tunisia?»

That's the question some friends asked me when I told them that I was going to do atrip to Tunisia, an issue that often arises at the time of travel to certain countries.

And my recent trip has confirmed me in a current conviction, yes, it is safe to travel to Tunisia.

Corner of Sidi Bou Said in Tunisia

Sure you know that Tunisia until 2010, when the so-called Arab Spring, it was a country with great tourist activity, and that was even becoming a competitor of the European countries of the Mediterranean, specifically Spain.

Tourism evolution in Tunisia

Tunisia It has the appeal of its tourist areas on the Mediterranean coast, as Hammamet, Sousa wave Djerba Island, where the Germans, English, French and even Italians traveled in search of enjoying a few days on their beaches staying in large resorts Holiday or luxury hotels.

But that appeal is combined with the exoticism of an Arab country, with its medinas, souks and mosques, the possibility of accessing areas of dunes and oasis at the gates of Sahara desert, and also, its great monumental heritage, especially of the Romans.

And all this in a country whose prices were and remain very affordable.

For this reason Tunisia became a very attractive destination also for the Spanish.

But the political instability that followed the Arab Spring and, above all, the Islamic attacks suffered in 2015, initiated with the terrorist attack on Bardo museum in the capital, they have caused a drastic reduction in the arrival of tourists to Tunisia.

It is a situation similar to that which has occurred in other Arab countries of great tourist attraction, such as Egypt Y Jordan.

And more than drastic, dramatic, because specifically Tunisia is a country that lives on tourism and agriculture

Therefore, the slowdown in the arrival of tourists has greatly affected the economy of the country, and more importantly, the economy of its people.

Great Mosque of Kairouan in Tunisia

Is it now safe to travel to Tunisia?

After my recent trip to that country in North Africa I reaffirm my initial argument, which can actually be summed up in that, at present,travel to Tunisia It is as safe as traveling to Paris, Munich, Brussels, Madrid ... or London.

Or as travel to Morocco, country that in recent times I usually visit several times a year, and which has a situation very similar to that of Tunisia, although fortunately no terrorist attack has been suffered.

This has been understood by tourists from many European countries, who are already traveling back to Tunisia, so that this Mediterranean country once again becomes a competitor of tourism in our country.

In the recommendations of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Spain for trips to Tunisia the following is indicated:It is recalled that at this time no region of the world and no country are safe from possible terrorist acts.

Chebika Oasis near Tozeur in Tunisia

This is something we must assume if we want to continue traveling the world.

And I do not want to recommend anyone traveling to really insecure countries because of the danger of suffering Islamist attacks, such as, for example, Somalia, Pakistan, Mali or Nigeria.

And even to countries with political instability, as to some extent today it happens with Turkey or Egypt. I would never do it.

It is obviously obvious that he does not have the same level of security as, for example, European Nordic countries, but my statement that Tunisia (or the aforementioned Morocco) is a safe country to take a tourist trip the sustenance in the political stability of the country.

After democratic elections, in Tunisia now governs a progressive party that has obtained a clear majority of popular support, although in order to promote greater stability, it has chosen to govern with the Islamist party whose real penetration is limited.

Desert dunes in Douz in Tunisia

Security in Tunisia

Also during your day-to-day trip through Tunisia you can see numerous security measures already common in many countries, some of which are also currently adopted in some parts of Europe.

Thus, for example, at the entrances to the towns or certain areas of cities you always find police or Army controls, and the same happens when you access the most tourist areas.

Or you can also see security arches at the entrances to certain public buildings, of course at the airport, but also in museums or even in a hotel.

From experience I will tell you that what these controls do is give you a sense of security, as for example I could also verify in my recent trip to Israel.

Oasis near Douz in Tunisia

On the other hand, I must admit that when traveling, there is a security aspect that really worries me much more than the risk of being involved in a terrorist attack.

I mean the danger of being robbed.

That is why I recognize you that I am reluctant to travel to certain countries of the world where such danger is important in certain areas of them.

I assure you that you do not have this danger in Tunisia, at least you have that feeling, which is not an obstacle so that you do not neglect beyond the logical attention that must be taken when traveling anywhere in the world.


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The one in question country that lives on tourism It makes people worry about caring for and attending to tourists, so you find a sense of great welcome and friendliness, beyond the possible presence of the tourist police.

In summary, these tips are the result of my long travel experience, but yes, everyone sets their own level when it comes to setting safety limits; Fear is free and is a subjective aspect of each person.

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