How to climb and see the natural pools of Los Pilones in Valle del Jerte

The Pylons in the Hells Gorge of the Jerte Valley

He Jerte Valley from Estremadura It has many reasons to surprise you.

And not only in the spring time when the slopes of the valley are covered in white with the impressivecherry blossom show, but also at other times of the year.

Another ideal moment is to approach the Jerte Valley in autumn, when the ocher colors cover the slopes of the valley, and the cherry trees are dyed with the amazing red of its leaves.

The Pylons in the Hells Gorge of the Jerte Valley

But it was during theGetaway to the Jerte Valley What did I do at the time of the Cerecera, at the beginning of the summer, when I discovered the Throat of the Nogaledas.

It is one of several gorges that open between the mountains, and in which the stream of water falls into a succession of waterfalls between a landscape of great leafiness, more typical of regions such as Asturias or Cantabria.

But do you know that one of theseGorges of the Jerte Valley has the statement of Natural reserve since 1994?

Garganta de los Infiernos in Valle Jerte

Specifically it is about the Hell's Throat. whose main corners you have to discover them in a 4 × 4 excursion by mountain paths, because it is an area closed to vehicle traffic.

The Pylons in the Hells Gorge of the Jerte Valley

This natural site extends through the Sierra de Tormantos, on the southwest side of the Sierra de Gredos, behind the villages of Jerte Y Cabezuela del Valle.

Seated on granite stone, it is an area of ​​the Jerte Valley covered by forests of deciduous trees, such as the oaks, so that in autumn the slopes of the mountains are covered with colors during the fall of the leaves.

There are also oaks, chestnuts and, of course, cherry trees, and next to the waterfalls you can see alders, ash trees and willows.

How to get on the Pylons

But, without a doubt, the most visited enclave of the Hell's Throat is The Pylons.

Viewpoint in the Garganta de los Infiernos del Valle del Jerte

There are the so-called Giant Marmites, the result of the gradual erosion caused by the tumultuous fall of water on granite rocks.

It is known as The Pylons to a concrete section where a block of granite extends, and where the waters over millions of years have been carving some natural graves, which are those mentioned potting

Natural pools of Los Pilones

Currently here you find a place with a succession of natural pools which are very crowded during the hot rigors of summer.

These potting they have been created by the erosive action of small fragments of stones that are trapped in the pits, and by the eddies they make a circular movement that erodes the rocks.

As you can imagine, since The Gorge of Hell It is a natural park, in principle, you can only climb to Los Pilones doing trekking.

The Pylons in the Hells Gorge of the Jerte Valley

It is a route of 6.5 kilometers (one way) that begins in the Interpretation Center of the Garganta de los Infiernos.

The route takes you along a forest track in continuous ascent, but very comfortable to climb, which will take you about two hours of walking.

Thus, climb to Los Pilones It is the classic excursion to which you will dedicate a day during which you will enjoy the lushness of this natural park.

The ascent section will culminate in the Viewpoint of the Chorrero de la Virgen, from where you can see some waterfalls fall.

There you can also see raptors, among which are the Golden Eagle, he Griffon Vulture or the hawks.

Climbing Los Pilones in the Jerte Valley in Extremadura

From this viewpoint you will have a gentle descent to the place of The Pylons.

Now, if due to your physical conditions you cannot face this route, or, simply, you want to save the ride and want get to Los Pilones As soon as possible, you will always have the possibility of hiring the service of an all-terrain vehicle with authorization to circulate along the dirt track that leads to Los Pilones.

Photos of Los Pilones

Here you have more Photos of Los Pilones in the Gorge of the Hells of the Jerte Valley.

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