Besalú, walk along its famous bridge and medieval town in Costa Brava

Medieval town of Besalú in the province of Girona

In our purpose to continue discovering the medieval heritage of the province of Girona, the town of Besalú It occupied a preferred place.

Some time ago we were already enchanted with a photo of the medieval bridge of Besalú, and since then his visit we had as a traveling objective.

Recently we had the opportunity to visit Besalú on a couple of occasions, taking advantage of two trips to enjoy the Costa Brava festivals, and also to other medieval enclaves like Peratallada or the monastery of Sant Pere de Rodes.

Located in the region of the Garrotxto, west of Figueres, and just 30 kilometers northwest of Girona capital, I anticipate that Besalú is currently a very tourist enclave.

Passing by Lake of Banyoles, on the first visit we arrived in Besalú on a sunny August morning, when all tourists had to be swirling in the Costa Brava beaches, so there were not many visitors.

But when you see a typical town circulating tourist train, it is clear that in the afternoon Besalú should be one of the most popular visits among these tourists.

It is not a complaint or rejection of it, because after stroll through Besalú and knowing it is easy to understand why this medieval town arouses so much attraction.

He historical origin of Besalú It is a fortress that already existed in the 10th century, and now when you visit it you will find corners that will remind you of the typical layout of a medieval town in which, in addition, there was a Jewish neighborhood.

Medieval town of Besalú in the province of Girona

The population had a great boom when it was independent duchy between the tenth and eleventh centuries.

What to see in Besalú

Without a doubt the best way to start your Besalú visit It is accessing the interior of the historic center by its famous bridge.

Besalú medieval bridge

If you are fond of photography, as is our case, you will not get tired of looking for panoramas to portray it.

He Besalú Bridge It was built in the 12th century to save the waters of the river Fluvia, and there are two doors of different sizes, seven arches and almost 150 meters in length.

Medieval bridge of Besalú in the province of Girona

It is not easy to find a bridge of that era with such charm, for its dimensions, configuration and to maintain the medieval style.

It is certainly the Besalú icon monument.

As soon as you pass under the second gate of the bridge, you will already find alleyways, in some of which craft and craft shops are shown souvenirs.

Jewish Miqvé of Besalú

You will pass through the lattice streets of old jewish quarter, and you will cross under some stone porches.

Medieval town of Besalú in the province of Girona

Note that in Besalú there is a miqvé of the twelfth century, ancient baths that the Jews use for the purification of the body, stay that you can know if you sign up for the guided tours organized by the tourist office local.

It was discovered in 1965 at the place where there was a small factory.

After analyzing the historical documentation, it was learned that in his time there was a synagogue with a prayer hall, school, courtyard and the aforementioned miqvé.

Keep in mind that the Jews settled in Besalú in the twelfth century, and in the Middle AgesWhen the population had about 1,000 inhabitants, 300 were Jews.

Finally abandoned Besalú in 1348 when there was an epidemic of Black Death of which the Jews were accused.

Church of Sant Pere de Besalú in the province of Girona

Besalú is the only one miqvé medieval jewish discovered in Spain.

Church of Sant Pere de Besalú

Soon you will reach the center of the old town and its main square, where the old church is located Benedictine monastery of Sant Pere de Besalú, which was founded in 977.

The church building that you can now visit is from 1160,

On its sober facade you will see a small window with four archivolts and the figure of a lion on each side of it.

With three ships, it is well worth accessing inside to see the beautiful circular ambulatory of the apse, architectural solution that is not usual to see in this type of monuments.

Girola of the church of Sant Pere de Besalú in Girona

Besalú Museum of Miniatures

To complete your visit, and as a curiosity if you are accompanied by children, next to the church find theBesalú Museum of Miniatures,

This small museum consists of only two rooms you can see miniature and microminiature artistic works, the latter with the help of magnifying glasses and microscopes.

Here you can check the schedules and ticket prices.

Besalú Photos

As an invitation to visit this charming medieval town, here are more Besalú pictures.

How to get to Besalú

Besalú is just half an hour drive from the city of Girona, and you arrive in an hour and a half from Barcelona.