Bnext, card to make payments and withdraw money without commissions on your trips

Bnext card for payments and withdraw money on trips

If you are a regular traveler, you already know that to travel to certain countries it is necessary to have an efficient and safe way to make payments or withdraw money.

And if possible, without that way to pay suppose you an important commission charge.

In recent times in the market are offering various alternatives to those that have been offering traditional banking, and one of them is the Bnext card.

Bnext card for payments and withdraw money on trips

Managed through a mobile app, this card has some advantages that are really worth considering, and that we will detail below.

What is the Bnext payment card

Bnext it is not a bank, but a Spanish technological startup which offers solutions and financial products of the most diverse entities.

As a solution to make payments on trips, your card is more suitable; specifically it is a prepaid VISA card that you receive for free.

How to receive the Bnext payment card

As I said, all the management is carried out through the Bnext app what have you got download to your mobile.

Bnext card for payments and withdraw money on trips

The first thing you should do is enter your mobile phone and validate it (it must be open to receive Premium SMS), then identify yourself by sending the photo of your ID, an essential requirement to open a financial account.

Then you must make a initial deposit of 25 euros, which is the first fund you will have on your card.

In 24-48 hours You will receive the card at your address, and once you activate it, you will receive the 10 euros corresponding to the promotional launch offer.

Here you can request the Bnext card and for being a reader of Travel Guides, receive the 10 euros welcome gift

How the Bnext payment card works

Already with your card, and once recharged with the amount you estimate you will need to use, during the trip you can make payments at establishments.

Bnext card for payments and withdraw money on trips

Bnext card, withdraw money from ATMs without commissions

Also, at bank tellers around the world you can get money, and all with the additional advantage that you will not be charged commissions.

To do this, once you have performed the operation, Bnext it will return to your card the amount that the banking entity may have charged you.

To these effects, Bnext only charge the exchange rate that applies VISA, but it gives you back the amount of 2-3 percent that banks usually charge for using the ATM.

The limit set by Bnext for the return of the commissions is three withdrawals of money per month for maximum amounts of 500 euros.

Online purchases with Bnext card

Another advantage you have when you have the Bnext card is that you can use it for online purchases, a secure system because it is a prepaid card, you will never be charged more than the amount you have deposited in it.

Bnext will return your commissions that they can charge you, with a limit of 2,000 euros per month In shopping.

Bnext card for payments and withdraw money on trips

For these purposes it is an alternative to other online payment solutions such as Paypal.

How to lock the Bnext card

In addition, if a problem arises, at any time you can lock or unlock it instantly through your mobile app.

How to receive payments from other users with a Bnext card

The Bnext card It also allows you to receive payments from other users through their cards.

That is, through the app you can "request money" so that a link is created that you can send, for example, by mail orWhatsApp, to the user who is going to make the payment.

Clicking on this link opens a Virtual POS which allows you to make the transfer with your own card.

Here you can request the Bnext card and for being a reader of Travel Guides, receive the 10 euros welcome gift

Bnext Rewards Program

Finally, an additional advantage offered by this card is the new Bnext Rewards program.

It is a promotion program that allows you to earn points with purchases made at certain merchants, which you can then exchange for money.

So, for every euro you spend with Bnext You will have 10 points, and in the case of purchases made in certain establishments, you will have 20 points for each euro.

Some of the shops that are part of the Bnext program They are Spotify, Netflix, Uber or TicketMaster.

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